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NFL Player Valuation: Season

OTC’s player valuations are calculated using proprietary formulas to more accurately depict the value being provided by a player based on his on field performance relative to the current market for his position. The calculations utilize a number of statistic and performance evaluations that are provided by Pro Football Focus. Positional valuations use a number of factors including snap counts, PFF grades and statistics to determine the player’s primary valuation. Overall values add a special teams component to the valuation. For a more in depth analysis of player and team performance please visit PFF to lean about the content and services they offer. To learn more about the OTC valuations, please read our introductory article.

Team Valuation

TeamOverall ValueTeam APYValue Over APY
PlayerTeamPositionPositional ValueOverall ValueCurrent APYValue Over APY
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1 Cash Due
Value Over Cash