2024 Top 100 Possible Cut Candidates

When NFL observers start to get to work on looking how teams may change for the next season, the first place to reference is to look at the list of pending free agents coming from contracts that are expiring. This is easy because it’s very known as to when that expiration occurs. But what is less easy, but just as important, is figuring out which players are going to become free agents because their contracts are instead terminated.

Therefore, this article is an attempt to add some visibility on which players could be cut in the coming months, using some metrics that include recent work done on determining contract fate. This article is an update from a similar article in August that will additionally use the regular season OTC Valuation metric to add an estimate of performance quality on the field in 2023 to try to forecast a more accurate picture.

It must be stressed that this list is not attempting to be predictive. It is guessed that most of the players on this list will not be cut. Many could see their contract restructured, and a few others might take a pay cut to stay. The hope is that list can provide a guide as to lessening surprise on why certain players may be cut. This list also does not intend to limit possible cuts to these players–some other players, a few of whom could be mentioned below, do not show up due to the history of their contract fate being lower than the threshold described below.

With that, this list is built from the players who:

NameTeamPositionAgeAPY2024 Cash Due2024 Guaranteed SalarySeasons Completed/
Contract Length
2023 OTC Valuation Above Starter MedianOdds Of Negative Fate
Andy DaltonPanthersQB37$5,000,000$4,000,000$2,000,0001/2($23,895,000)52.5%
Jarrett StidhamBroncosQB28$5,000,000$6,000,000$1,000,0001/2($23,784,000)52.5%
Taylor HeinickeFalconsQB31$7,000,000$7,000,000$01/2($22,555,000)52.5%
Tyus BowserRavensEDGE29$5,500,000$5,500,000$03/4($11,201,000)63.6%
Matt JudonPatriotsEDGE32$11,250,000$7,500,000$01/2($9,695,000)60.2%
Anthony NelsonBuccaneersEDGE27$5,000,000$4,500,000$01/2($9,510,000)60.2%
Emmanuel OgbahDolphinsEDGE31$16,350,000$15,800,000$02/4($9,352,000)51.5%
Tim PatrickBroncosWR31$10,000,000$9,900,000$02/3($9,208,000)71.6%
Russell GageBuccaneersWR28$8,500,000$10,000,000$01/2($9,208,000)76.1%
Deonte HartyBillsWR27$4,750,000$4,110,000$01/2($8,479,000)76.1%
Joey BosaChargersEDGE29$27,000,000$22,000,000$03/5($8,455,000)53.7%
Hunter RenfrowRaidersWR29$15,850,000$11,882,000$01/2($8,304,000)76.1%
Mike WilliamsChargersWR30$20,000,000$20,000,000$02/3($8,173,000)71.6%
Charles OmenihuChiefsEDGE27$8,000,000$7,400,000$01/2($8,146,000)60.2%
Zay JonesJaguarsWR29$8,000,000$8,000,000$02/3($7,448,000)71.6%
Nick ChubbBrownsRB29$12,200,000$12,200,000$02/3($7,072,000)86.1%
Nyheim HinesBillsRB28$4,500,000$5,000,000$01/2($7,072,000)57.6%
Deatrich WisePatriotsEDGE30$5,500,000$5,000,000$03/4($6,740,000)63.6%
Marquez Valdes-ScantlingChiefsWR30$10,000,000$12,000,000$02/3($6,552,000)71.6%
Bryan MoneSeahawksIDL29$5,517,500$5,900,000$01/2($6,532,000)64.4%
Dean LowryVikingsIDL30$4,250,000$4,000,000$01/2($6,532,000)64.4%
Allen RobinsonSteelersWR31$7,500,000$10,000,000$01/2($5,237,000)76.1%
C.J. UzomahJetsTE31$8,000,000$8,000,000$02/3($5,090,000)71.1%
Robert WoodsTexansWR32$7,625,000$6,500,000$1,500,0001/2($5,034,000)76.1%
Folorunso FatukasiJaguarsIDL29$10,000,000$8,000,000$02/3($4,854,000)64.4%
Aaron JonesPackersRB30$11,500,000$12,000,000$01/2($4,810,000)57.6%
John Franklin-MyersJetsEDGE28$13,750,000$13,900,000$02/4($4,594,000)51.5%
Shaq ThompsonPanthersLB30$6,300,000$5,600,000$2,000,0001/2($4,277,000)57.5%
Avonte MaddoxEaglesCB28$7,500,000$7,500,000$02/3($4,184,000)70.1%
Sam HubbardBengalsEDGE29$10,000,000$8,150,000$02/4($3,643,000)51.5%
Davon GodchauxPatriotsIDL30$10,400,000$8,300,000$01/2($3,618,000)64.4%
Jimmie WardTexansS33$6,500,000$6,000,000$2,000,0001/2($3,501,000)57.6%
Tracy WalkerLionsS29$8,333,333$8,000,000$02/3($3,483,000)75.0%
Christian KirkJaguarsWR28$18,000,000$16,500,000$02/4($3,477,000)61.5%
Eddie JacksonBearsS31$14,600,000$14,150,000$03/4($3,378,000)74.4%
Cameron HeywardSteelersIDL35$16,400,000$16,000,000$03/4($3,305,000)63.6%
Mo Alie-CoxColtsTE31$5,850,000$5,920,000$02/3($3,256,000)71.1%
D.J. JonesBroncosIDL29$10,000,000$10,000,000$02/3($3,118,000)64.4%
Younghoe KooFalconsK30$4,850,000$4,000,000$02/5($3,038,000)100.0%
Diontae JohnsonSteelersWR28$18,355,000$10,000,000$01/2($2,952,000)76.1%
Carlton DavisBuccaneersCB28$14,833,333$14,500,000$02/3($2,927,000)70.1%
Taysom HillSaintsTE34$10,000,000$10,000,000$02/4($2,924,000)61.9%
Tre’Davious WhiteBillsCB29$17,250,000$10,400,000$02/4($2,830,000)57.9%
Budda BakerCardinalsS28$14,100,000$14,600,000$01/2($2,765,000)57.6%
Brian AllenRamsC29$5,000,000$7,000,000$01/2($2,601,000)58.7%
Marcus MayeSaintsS31$7,500,000$7,500,000$02/3($2,410,000)75.0%
Will DisslySeahawksTE28$8,000,000$7,000,000$02/3($2,339,000)71.1%
Shaquil BarrettBuccaneersEDGE32$17,000,000$17,000,000$03/4($2,183,000)63.6%
De’Vondre CampbellPackersLB31$10,000,000$10,750,000$02/5($2,178,000)53.1%
John CominskyLionsIDL29$4,250,000$5,000,000$500,0001/2($2,077,000)64.4%
Justin ReidChiefsS27$10,500,000$10,750,000$02/3($1,505,000)75.0%
Alvin KamaraSaintsRB29$15,000,000$11,800,000$03/5($1,317,000)83.3%
Julian LoveSeahawksS26$6,000,000$5,680,000$01/2($924,000)57.6%
Mason ColeSteelersC28$5,250,000$4,750,000$02/3($826,000)60.9%
Byron MurphyVikingsCB26$8,750,000$8,850,000$01/2($773,000)65.5%
Kyzir WhiteCardinalsLB28$5,000,000$5,000,000$1,000,0001/2($751,000)57.5%
Jonnu SmithFalconsTE29$7,500,000$6,500,000$01/2($474,000)63.1%
Mark AndrewsRavensTE29$14,000,000$11,000,000$02/4($393,000)61.9%
Donte JacksonPanthersCB29$11,726,667$10,622,500$02/3($333,000)70.1%
Logan ThomasCommandersTE33$8,021,667$6,565,000$02/3($298,000)71.1%
Demarcus LawrenceCowboysEDGE32$13,333,333$10,000,000$02/3($161,000)71.4%
Jonathan JonesPatriotsCB31$9,500,000$9,000,000$4,000,0001/2($25,000)65.5%
Brandin CooksCowboysWR31$10,000,000$8,000,000$01/2$076.1%
Patrick RicardRavensFB30$3,750,000$4,000,000$02/3$061.5%
David AndrewsPatriotsC32$4,750,000$5,500,000$03/4$114,00063.6%
Justin SimmonsBroncosS31$15,250,000$14,500,000$03/4$431,00074.4%
Tyler ConklinJetsTE29$6,750,000$6,750,000$02/3$504,00071.1%
Austin CorbettPanthersRG29$8,750,000$6,250,000$02/3$526,00081.0%
Nate HerbigSteelersRG26$4,000,000$4,000,000$01/2$587,00070.3%
Courtland SuttonBroncosWR29$15,000,000$13,500,000$02/4$730,00061.5%
Mark GlowinskiGiantsRG32$6,100,000$5,700,000$02/3$746,00081.0%
Jerome BakerDolphinsLB28$12,500,000$11,133,000$02/3$802,00078.1%
Ted KarrasBengalsC31$6,000,000$6,400,000$02/3$833,00060.9%
Marcus EppsRaidersS28$6,000,000$6,000,000$2,585,0001/2$852,00057.6%
James ConnerCardinalsRB29$7,000,000$5,490,000$02/3$940,00086.1%
Arik Armstead49ersIDL31$17,000,000$18,260,000$04/5$1,146,00060.7%
Quandre DiggsSeahawksS31$13,000,000$11,000,000$02/3$1,146,00075.0%
Josh SweatEaglesEDGE27$13,333,333$16,000,000$02/3$1,198,00071.4%
Mitch MorseBillsC32$9,750,000$8,500,000$01/2$1,296,00058.7%
Harrison PhillipsVikingsIDL28$6,500,000$6,500,000$02/3$1,351,00064.4%
Darius SlaytonGiantsWR27$6,000,000$6,000,000$01/2$1,466,00076.1%
Kevin ByardEaglesS31$12,550,000$14,100,000$01/2$1,516,00057.6%
Rayshawn JenkinsJaguarsS30$8,750,000$9,000,000$03/4$1,611,00074.4%
Joe MixonBengalsRB28$5,750,000$5,750,000$01/2$1,772,00057.6%
Xavier WoodsPanthersS29$5,000,000$4,500,000$02/3$1,794,00075.0%
Jordan PoyerBillsS33$6,250,000$5,500,000$01/2$1,831,00057.6%
David BakhtiariPackersLT33$23,000,000$21,500,000$03/4$1,893,00066.7%
Dre Greenlaw49ersLB27$8,200,000$8,700,000$01/2$1,994,00057.5%
David Long Jr.DolphinsLB28$5,000,000$4,500,000$01/2$1,997,00057.5%
Cody WhitehairBearsLG32$10,250,000$10,250,000$04/5$2,000,00087.5%
Eric KendricksChargersLB32$6,625,000$6,500,000$01/2$2,107,00057.5%
Dallas GoedertEaglesTE29$14,250,000$14,250,000$6,000,0002/4$2,179,00061.9%
DeAndre HopkinsTitansWR32$13,000,000$14,000,000$01/2$2,264,00076.1%
David NjokuBrownsTE28$13,687,500$14,500,000$3,000,0002/4$2,328,00061.9%
Tyler LockettSeahawksWR32$17,300,000$17,000,000$02/4$2,673,00061.5%
Travis KelceChiefsTE35$14,312,500$13,000,000$02/4$3,243,00061.9%
B.J. HillBengalsIDL29$10,000,000$7,500,000$02/3$3,264,00064.4%
Jarran ReedSeahawksIDL32$4,500,000$4,470,000$01/2$3,808,00064.4%
Laken TomlinsonJetsLG32$13,333,333$13,000,000$02/3$3,921,00060.9%
Keenan AllenChargersWR32$20,025,000$23,100,000$03/4$4,644,00079.5%

One aggravating factor that will show up on this list in several places are players who did not meet starter median performance due to significant injury. On the one hand, many of those players will be seen as victims of bad luck, and will be given the benefit of the doubt to bounce back in 2024. On the other hand, teams may view the injuries on some of these other players to be a sign of decline, and thus may see that as a reason to exit from those contracts. Common sense needs to be applied as to which players in this aggravating category fall into which side of each subcategory.

But for the players that were able to contribute an expected number of snaps in 2023, their contributions may come under more scrutiny by their teams when 2024 is taken into account.

Breakdown by team

Here are the number of players each team has on this list:

  • 6: Seahawks
  • 5: Panthers, Patriots, Bills, Broncos, Steelers
  • 4: Chargers, Chiefs, Bucs, Jaguars, Jets, Eagles, Bengals
  • 3: Falcons, Ravens, Dolphins, Vikings, Packers, Saints, Cardinals
  • 2: Browns, Raiders, Texans, Bears, Lions, Cowboys, Giants, 49ers
  • 1: Colts, Rams, Commanders, Titans

While it’s useful to see the quantity of contracts each team has to work with in this regard as a measure of how many players they may need to address contracts with, this is also incomplete without knowing how much they are budgeted to pay these players for 2024. What also may inform decisions is how much effective cap space teams have to operate with for next season.

Therefore, the graph below is a scatterplot of teams with the amount of non-guaranteed salary they have on the books toward these 100 players for 2024 versus their 2024 effective cap space. The green lines represent the median in both metrics.

The teams in the upper left quadrant have plenty of cash to burn in 2024 if they so choose, and also have low money tied up in players that did not meet starter median performance according to OTC’s valuation metric. Some of these teams might make skill based cuts, but may also not have a burning need to do so.

The teams in or near the lower left quadrant do not have much cap wiggle room but also have very few contracts that are in serious question. As would be expected, most of these teams have made the playoffs, and several of those within are also very serious Super Bowl contenders. Regardless of how their season ends, most of these teams would be expected to go all in on their rosters for 2024. Some fringe exceptions include the Giants, who did not do well in 2023 but also have much locked up in guaranteed salaries in players like Daniel Jones, or the Saints who nominally have not guaranteed many salaries but will do so once their annual restructures take place.

No team is dominantly placed in the top right quadrant, which would indicate teams that have plenty to spend but could also stand to turn over a few high expenditure spots on their roster. Instead, what is notable is the cluster of teams on the right side, and mostly on the lower right, indicating teams that have tighter cap situations, but could remedy that quickly with renegotiations of contracts–either negatively via cutting players or demanding pay cuts from them, or in a mildly positive manner by restructuring their salaries. It is this cluster where the lion’s share of action might take place.

The Chargers break the graph in this regard by having over $70 million in such salary at play, but it is barely so due to Keenan Allen barely making this list as the 100th player with over $20 million in cash due in 2024. Despite turning 32 this year, Allen’s performance has been solid enough that a restructure seems more likely than being cut. Practically, Allen’s place on this list should likely be taken by Corey Linsley, who is likely to retire, but doesn’t show up due to otherwise low negative contract fate odds that can’t be foreseen in this manner.

But there are several other players alongside Allen for the team to consider: his fellow wide receiver in Mike Williams, both starting edge rushers in Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa (with Tuli Tuipulotu waiting in the wings behind them) and linebacker Eric Kendricks. Yet this graph would be more extreme in bounds had the Chargers not already cut Sebastian Joseph-Day a few weeks ago. With a complete overhaul at general manager and head coach coming for the Chargers, it could also portend similar overhaul on the roster.

Meanwhile, among other teams in this cluster on the right side:

  • The Broncos need to alter some contracts, and the magnitude of such could go up if they really do move on from Russell Wilson. Tim Patrick has lost two whole seasons due to injury and may be pressured on a contract change on those grounds. DJ Jones could also see negative contract fate. But two other players on this list, Justin Simmons and Courtland Sutton, should instead be seen as extension or restructure candidates to be retained.
  • The Seahawks won’t be moving on from newly minted Pro Bowler Julian Love any time soon. Tyler Lockett and Jarran Reed only barely make this list and are above starter median, but both will be turning 32 next season. Will Dissly and Quandre Diggs may see more scrutiny in the coming weeks. So too could Jamal Adams, who barely misses the negative contract fate cut here at 48.7%.
  • For the Steelers, Allen Robinson sticks out in coming over from a trade from the Rams, and only garnering 280 yards in the regular season. Cameron Heyward and Diontae Johnson would not appear to have their contracts be in any immediate danger and would instead be restructure candidates.
  • The Packers’ amount largely consists of $21.5 million due to David Bakhtiari, who missed almost all of 2023. A decision also needs to be made on Aaron Jones, who is due $12 million and is turning 30 after gaining 656 yards in 11 games in 2023.
  • For the Jets, CJ Uzomah could be a leading cut candidate. The ultimate contract fate of John Franklin-Myers could be tied to other roster decisions, such as whether Bryce Huff will be retained. Tyler Conklin and Laken Tomlinson also show up on this list, though their OTC valuation comes up above median starter level.
  • The Jaguars see two receivers that battled injuries in Christian Kirk and Zay Jones on this list, while Folorunso Fatukasi and Rayshawn Jenkins are older defenders to consider.
  • A dominating story of the Chiefs in the regular season was a plague of dropped passes, and Marquez Valdes-Scantling could take the brunt of that criticism with $12 million in salary due in 2024. Despite turning 35 next season, it is still surprising to also see Travis Kelce barely turn up on this list.
  • The Eagles have already done most of their work in committing to players for 2024 and beyond, but one player where that commitment has not yet happened is with Avonte Maddox, who has $7 million due coming off missing most of 2023 due to injury.
  • And finally, while the Bucs have the least immediate need to make contract moves to be in compliance for 2024 among this cluster, they still see multiple players with high cash payments due making this list: Shaq Barrett ($17 million), Carlton Davis ($14.5 million), Russell Gage ($10 million, after missing all of 2023 due to injury), and Anthony Nelson ($4.5 million).