Fictional Trade Deadline Tender – 2021 Season

At this time last season, I offered up a modest proposal to try to nudge more activity around the trade deadline. With this season’s trade deadline approaching, I thought I’d revisit this exercise, and call this hypothetical rule change the Fictional Trade Deadline Tender.

To review, here are its rules. First, it is determined which players are eligible to be offered a Fictional Trade Deadline Tender:

  1. The player must be on a team that has either zero or one wins by the trade deadline. (The idea here is that with a minimum of six losses plus ties, even with an expanded playoff slate it would still be daunting to come back from that hole.)
  2. The player’s contract must be set to expire at the conclusion of this season.
  3. The player must be on a vested veteran contract. (That’s defined here as having at least four accrued seasons before the current season started, and also not on a rookie contract.)
  4. The player additionally may not be on a one year contract resulting from being given a franchise or transition tender. (The idea here is that we are giving teams the benefit of the doubt that they are using these tenders in a good faith effort to later extend them.)

Among those players, the following procedure would then take place:

  1. In the 24 hours after the trade deadline ends (this year, Tuesday, November 2 at 4 PM ET), any team may tender any amount of draft pick compensation it is willing to surrender to a team in exchange for the player it would like to acquire.
  2. After this 24 hour period ends (this year, Wednesday, November 3 at 4 PM ET), the NFL notifies all teams and players in question who has been given a Fictional Trade Deadline Tender offer. If multiple tenders are offered for the same player, the tender with the higher draft compensation wins out, and compensation ties will be broken by the standard waiver order.
  3. For the next 48 hours (this year, ending on Friday, November 5 at 4 PM ET), the player decides whether or not to accept the offer. If so desired, the player and team may renegotiate their contract to avoid the trade, and they may also be granted an exemption from the trade deadline to trade the player to a different team for different compensation, should both sides agree upon it.

The list of players on the right (or below on small mobile devices) are the players that would be eligible for the Fictional Trade Deadline Tender in 2021. This season, the teams that could see some of their players end up on this list are the Lions, Dolphins, Texans, Jets, and Jaguars. The players on the Lions will be there no matter what, while the players on the other teams will remain should they lose in Week 8.

Take a look at the list, and have some fun thinking about which of these players could be good fits on other teams.

NameTeamPos.AgeSnapsRemaining Salary
Alex AnzaloneDETLB2799.1%$972,222
Andrew NorwellJAXLG3098.5%$5,000,000
Christian KirkseyHOULB2998.1%$1,388,889
Morgan MosesNYJRT3087.2%$888,889
Justin BrittHOUC3082.4%$1,500,000
Damien WilsonJAXLB2876.8%$638,889
Chris ConleyHOUWR2969.1%$694,444
Desmond KingHOUCB2769.1%$1,388,889
Kamu Grugier-HillHOULB2765.9%$833,333
Charles HarrisDETEDGE2664.1%$777,778
Emmanuel OgbahMIAEDGE2863.4%$4,152,778
Nicholas WilliamsDETIDL3162.5%$833,333
Maliek CollinsHOUIDL2658.5%$1,666,667
Jason McCourtyMIAS3457.3%$597,222
Jacoby BrissettMIAQB2955.9%$1,388,889
Vernon HargreavesHOUCB2654.9%$722,222
Elandon RobertsMIALB2754.5%$744,444
A.J. CannJAXRG3050.9%$2,736,111
Jihad WardJAXEDGE2749.8%$1,083,333
Tyler KroftNYJTE2944.7%$972,222
David JohnsonHOURB3043.9%$1,111,111
Jalen Reeves-MaybinDETLB2643.6%$1,244,444
Adam GotsisJAXEDGE2943.1%$550,000
DeMarcus WalkerHOUIDL2738.9%$666,667
Justin ColemanMIACB2838.4%$833,333
Greg ManczMIAC2938.3%$550,000
Mark IngramHOURB3238.1%$1,111,111
Mack HollinsMIAWR2837%$550,000
Keelan ColeNYJWR2836.4%$1,388,889
Adrian ColbertNYJS2835.7%$550,000
John JenkinsMIAIDL3233.4%$645,833
Jamison CrowderNYJWR2833.2%$3,055,556
Darren FellsDETTE3532.1%$597,222
Sharrod NeasmanNYJS3031.8%$550,000
Antony AuclairHOUTE2830.4%$550,000
Jon WeeksHOULS3530.4%$597,222
Malcolm BrownMIARB2828%$861,111
Jaleel JohnsonHOUIDL2727.9%$550,000
Albert WilsonMIAWR2927.4%$1,625,000
Dean MarloweDETS2927.3%$550,000
Brennan ScarlettMIALB2825.8%$550,000
Tyrod TaylorHOUQB3224.1%$1,666,667
Chris MooreHOUWR2823.4%$550,000
Michael PalardyMIAP2923.1%$555,556
Nevin LawsonJAXCB3022.4%$708,333
Tavon AustinJAXWR3121%$597,222
Tyler ShatleyJAXC3020.7%$1,034,722
Thomas MorsteadNYJP3519.9%$597,222
Jacob HollisterJAXTE2819.7%$550,000
Austin ReiterMIAC3015.9%$550,000
James O’ShaughnessyJAXTE2915.9%$806,944
Will FullerMIAWR2714.1%$550,000
Danny AmendolaHOUWR3612.3%$833,333
Tevin ColemanNYJRB2810.7%$555,556
Rex BurkheadHOURB319.5%$763,889
Geronimo AllisonDETWR279.3%$550,000
Terrence BrooksHOUCB299.1%$833,333
Daryl WorleyDETCB268.4%$550,000
Tyrell WilliamsDETWR298.1%$1,111,111
Lerentee McCrayJAXEDGE315.7%$550,000
Vincent TaylorHOUIDL275.6%$694,444
Duke RileyMIALB273.8%$550,000
Daniel BrownNYJTE292.7%$550,000
Neville HewittHOULB282.2%$833,333
Lamarcus JoynerNYJS312%$1,111,111
Jeff DriskelHOUQB280%$550,000
Conor McDermottNYJRG290%$611,111
Dan FeeneyNYJLG270%$1,111,111
Jarrad DavisNYJLB270%$1,666,667
Alex LewisNYJLG290%$1,944,444