Zack Moore Show #3: Paul DePodesta and Soviet Hockey

Today’s podcast talks about a variety of things from Paul DePodesta to the Soviet Union hockey team and their coach, all the way to Lane Kiffin in a conversation about how some incredible minds come up with new, unique solutions.

Two important questions that are brought up from Mike Vorkunov’s Vice Sports piece on Paul DePodesta are:

1) What can I take from this and how can I maybe apply it to baseball and make us better?
2) If we weren’t already doing it this way, do you think this is the way we would do it?

I think this is the best podcast so far as I feel like, through explaining these things, I give some more insight into the ways that great analytical thinkers like Paul DePodesta think. I also hope this podcast gives some insight into how I feel we all can smash our own biases to better analyze things and come up with creative solutions. In everything we do, we come into the situation with our own history with that topic or issue, it’s important that we know how our past knowledge may flavor our current perception and what we can do to overcome it.

That “Of Miracles and Men” article might help best illustrate what I’m talking about as the Soviet Union’s hockey coach did not watch any hockey as he didn’t want to do what the Canadians did as they’d been playing for over a hundred years, so he knew that he would never beat them at their game. He instead brought together many different movements, sports and ideas to create their own style of hockey and in about 20-25 years they became the best team in the world.

Here are the three articles that I refer to in this podcast:

Vice Sports: Paul DePodesta Explains his Path to the Cleveland Browns

OTC: Of Miracles and Men (Soviet Hockey)

Smart Football: Alabama’s Lane Kiffin: Master Copycat

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