General Manager League 2016

The General Manager League is back for another year! For some this will be a new experience and for others this will be a much welcome return.

For those of you new to this, we have all wished we had a bit more control over what our favourite teams do, or simply just love the roster gymnastics of the offseason, I’d like to introduce and invite you to the General Manager League.

Essentially you are taking over a team and running them through the NFL offseason from a certain point in time forward against other human players. If you’ve followed your favourite team during the offseason, or played Madden’s franchise mode, you know the process. There are some tweaks as it’s a one year league, but the general idea remains the same. The numbers, of course come from right here at OverTheCap.

The basics can be found at ’16 GML Rules, Info, & Timeline and any questions will happily be answered!

To register please use this link to sign up