Zack Moore Show #3: Paul DePodesta and Soviet Hockey

Today’s podcast talks about a variety of things from Paul DePodesta to the Soviet Union hockey team and their coach, all the way to Lane Kiffin in a conversation about how some incredible minds come up with new, unique solutions.

Two important questions that are brought up from Mike Vorkunov’s Vice Sports piece on Paul DePodesta are:

1) What can I take from this and how can I maybe apply it to baseball and make us better?
2) If we weren’t already doing it this way, do you think this is the way we would do it?

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Roll Tide: The Process and Principles

Ever since 2009, I have taken a huge interest in Alabama football because I had the privilege of editing Dr. Kevin Elko’s book Touchdown during my freshman year at the University of Rhode Island in 2008-09. I had this cool privilege because my dad published the book in 2010 and, with athletes and coaches being the target market, I was the perfect sounding board that Dr. Elko wanted to hear from. This was just prior to the first of four Alabama National Championships with Dr. Elko as their performance coach.

I carried that book in my backpack for the entirety of my college football career and it helped me as a sort of meditative exercises before I knew actually what meditation was. Like transcendental meditation, Elko gave me mantras like “NO JUDGEMENT” to repeat to myself during winter workouts and focus on a mantra rather than how terrible winter workouts were.

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