Week 11 OTC FanDuel Fantasy Football League


We’ve been able to get 10 teams entered the last few weeks so I’m going to see if we can expand this to 16 teams this week to potentially drive up the prize pool. Feel free to let any friends of yours who play or might want to play to check it out since we are pushing the limit higher. The cost to join the league remains just $2 and the top 3 will win prizes. The deadline for entry is a few minutes before the 1PM kickoff on Sunday. Remember that each week we will have a new league so there is also no commitment to play beyond week 11.

Follow this link for the OTC Week 11 FanDuel League

If you haven’t tried FanDuel out yet its basically a weekly fantasy football league where your team is made up within the constraints of a salary cap. They do have free games to try out and if you click through the link you should be able to see how the game works and how you pick a team without needing to sign up. By signing up through OTC FanDuel will also issue you a deposit bonus to try out the games. It’s really fun and I definitely recommend it to anyone that can spare a few dollars each week. Its a small league so its a good type of league to learn in as well.

We had quite the game last week with Kylerap taking first place with 172 points, hitting on almost every position last week. The Cardinals surge at the end of the game on defense was the clincher. Mathhewsimon came in a close second at 169, which would have been a winner most weeks.  He had major hitters at QB and RB to held drive him. Finally phenomjones took 3rd place.

I continued my streak of being terrible with an 8th place finish with just 113 points. Only Justin Forsett exceeded my projection on the week and most of my players were disappointments. The moral of the story is to find out who I pick and just avoid those players.

Congrats to all the winners and good luck to the players this week!