NFL Predictions 2014: Week 11 Thursday Night Football


Much better last week posting a 9-4 record straight and a 10-3 record with the points. My record on the year is now 97-49-1 and 85-58-4. Ill be back over the weekend with the rest of the picks.

DOLPHINS (-4) over Bills- We havent had many interesting games on Thursday but at least this has a good story to it. The winner of the game will stay in the playoff hunt while the loser will likely begin to fade away. Miami has already lost once to the Bills and Im not sure how their locker room would react to a loss so I think this is much more important for them as a loss might see them break apart. Buffalo I dont think will fall apart with a loss, but it would certainly be a blow to their chances. Miami is the more well rounded team and has lost a few heartbreakers right at the end of the games. That should eventually balance out. All in all I don’t think the Bills have the offense to win this game, but knowing these two teams one of them will have a chance to pull it out at the end. Dolphins 23 Bills 17