Von Miller Will Nearly Play For Free if Suspended 6 Games


I just read the latest report from Chris Mortensen that Von Miller may be suspended for six games rather than four games as everyone initially suspected.

We had already touched on the financial ramifications of a four game suspension, but the additional two games makes the season almost a complete wash for Miller from a financial perspective. If suspended for six games Miller will lose 6/17 of his base salary for the season and more importantly 6/17 of his signing bonus proration for the 2013 season, which is subject to the forfeiture provisions of the CBA.

Miller was to earn $2,284,125 this year in base salary. His signing bonus proration for the season was $3,443,250. If suspended for six games Miller will lose $806,162 of his salary for this season and will forfeit $1,215,265 of his signing bonus, which will need to be paid back to the team over time. His total lost wages will be $2,021,426.

For the remaining 11 weeks of the season Miller will be paid $1,477,963 in base salary. When you consider the size of his bonus forfeiture his true takehome this year may only be $262,699 for 11 games of work. Unlike forfeitures triggered by holding out of training camp or other unpermitted absences from the team, my understanding of the CBA is that any drug/PED related suspensions are automatically forfeited and that the teams do not have the ability to reduce or eliminate such forfeitures.