Trade Costs of NFL Players Part II


Yesterday I asked for some requests on trade implications and got a few names so I thought I would post them here. One I have never heard before and I cant imagine he is really on the block (Justin Blackmon) but hes listed anyway.  If there are any other names feel free to email me or let me know via Twitter or the comments here

Fred Davis– Davis currently would cost a team $588,235 in initial cap space to execute a trade. The is also a $500,000 roster bonus to consider if Davis was active for 8 of the final 10 weeks of the season. Davis is a talented player who has suffered through injuries. The Redskins gave him a one year contract to prove he could stay healthy but he has not been effective and has more or less completely fallen out of the rotation. The Jets and Bills both took a look at him in the offseason and both could make the move with no problems if they wanted to. Davis is a free agent at the end of the season and considering his level of play would likely only fetch a low conditional pick in a trade.

Tony Gonzalez– The HOF Tight End has been rumored in trades by fans for weeks but he doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere and I don’t think the Falcons will turn around and trade him because of that. A team would require $2.06 million in cap space to execute the trade. Multiple teams could make the trade, but I think there would be concerns with how he would play outdoors at this stage in his career. This is a trade that sounds better in fantasy terms than in real life.

Justin Blackmon– I admit I have not heard his name mentioned at all, but I received a request on him so we’ll examine him. Blackmon would cost a team $724,385 in cap room for this season and at least $4.98 million the next two seasons. The reason I say at least is that Blackmon has yearly roster bonuses in his contract that were treated as signing bonuses for salary cap purposes, but are not yet paid. I have to do more research as to how that works both from a cash and a cap perspective. My assumption is the Jaguars would receive a credit for money accounted for but not paid while the acquiring team would need to account for it on their salary cap, but that’s just a guess. The roster bonuses total $3.09 million. Like Josh Gordon, Blackmon is a suspension risk though I think he is two strikes away. It is likely all his future guarantees have been voided due to his suspension this year. He is supremely talented and the Jaguars would only be moving him because they don’t trust him off the field. I can’t imagine him being traded for anything less than a first round pick.

Mark Ingram– Ingram has been a complete bust at the NFL level and is no longer a real part of the Saints gameplans. He has no more guarantees remaining in his contract beyond this season so it’s a certainty that the salary cap strapped Saints will cut him and save $1.386 million. A team would need $617,206 in extra cap space to pull a trade off for Ingram. The trade cost would be next to nothing for Ingram so I guess a team with no running game could consider giving Ingram a look for a conditional 6th or 7th round pick.