Ike Taylor Restructures Contract with Steelers


Per our buddy Ian Whetstone (who probably keeps the most detailed cap notes anywhere) the Steelers restructured the contract of Ike Taylor yesterday by rolling $2.976 million of his salary into a prorated bonus:

This was a move that the Steelers needed to make due to lack of cap space. Prior to the contract restructuring the Steelers were just $247,000 under the salary cap and one more injury was liking going to compromise their ability to maintain a 53 man roster. The Steelers decision to release RB isaac Redman was essentially the same result as losing someone for the season as his $1.323 million dollar salary was fully guaranteed and would count in full on the cap even though no longer on the roster. He was replaced by LB Kion Wilson, who cost the team just under $330,000, pushing them the brink of the cap.

Taylor’s 2014 cap charge will rise by $1,488,236. The Steelers will have some major decisions on the hands in 2014 when it comes to the salary cap due to the multiple restructures they have used on a number of high priced players.

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