The NFL Draft and Salary Cap Article Links

With the draft less than a day away, I thought it would be a good idea to collect some of the draft related resources that we have put together on the site in a post if anyone wants to read up on it. Feel free to comment here or in the post regarding the draft.

Drafting Decisions and the Salary Cap 2015, Part 1– In our 2015 look at the cap, I use AV to turn a draft pick’s expected performance into a corresponding veteran contract. This allows us to realize the cost benefit of the NFL draft and update the trade chart based on average expectation levels.

Drafting Decisions and the Salary Cap 2015, Part II– In part 2, I propose the elimination of the “one size fits all” static trade charts to be replaced by dynamic charts that can be used to account for scounting, strength of draft, and other needs with all trades based on financial benefits. Buried in there is an Excel spreadsheet to run your own trade scenarios using the dynamic inputs.

Positional Value in Drafting– Here we look at the immense benefits of finding star players at premier positions in the draft and why those positions should be given more weight in the selection process. I also look at how great a benefit Seattle received from their drafted starters.

The OTC Draft Page– Nick created this really neat one stop shop for all your projected draft contract information. Here we have projected rookie pools and first year cap hits for every draft pick in the NFL. Cliking on a team will highlight their draft picks and if you hover over the pick you will get a full breakdown of the contract including year by year cap charges. Nick will be updating this through the draft to reflect trades. Well do our best to keep up with the trade action on Twitter and likely have a running post detailing any trades and the cap implications of the trades on Thursday and Friday.

Other Draft Resources

Fanspeak’s On the Clock Draft Simulator– If you havent tried Fanspeak’s draft simulator yet, I highly recommend it. Packed with draft boards from so many people this is the most comprehensive mock that you can try.

Reality Sports Perfect 32– RSO is running a draft contract where you can win $50,000 if you nail every pick in the first round. Registration is free but the deadline is Wednesday night, so get your entry in quick.