The Costs of Von Millers Potential Suspension


According to multiple sources LB Von Miller of the Broncos is in danger of being suspended for 4 games due to a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy for PED’s. This is a very costly suspension for Miller if it occurs due to the relatively large salary and signing bonus received by the player in 2011. It is also possible that such a suspension will void Miller’s future guarantees, though with his level of play that is of no concern.

Just how much will it cost Miller?  The answer comes in two forms. First Miller will lose his salary for 4 weeks. Set to earn $2,284,125 this season, his suspension will cost him $537,441.20 in salary.  That’s a significant chunk of change, but the penalties grow even further.

Under the CBA, a drug/steroid suspension results in a proportionate loss of signing bonus money that was already paid to the player. Miller received a $13,773,000 signing bonus in 2011. $3,443,250 of that is attributed to this season and he stands to lose 4/17ths of that money as well. That adds up to $810,176.50. The Broncos will collect that by docking his pay when he returns to the active roster.

All told Miller will lose $1,347,618 in salary this season. Six weeks of his salary will go to paying back his signing bonus forfeiture, meaning he will actually earn just 7 weeks of game checks for 13 weeks of play. That is some major coin and why players need to be extremely careful with what supplements they use and how those supplements may affect their ability to earn a living. A second violation for Miller, if he is found guilty of this one,  would just mean more time on the sidelines and more paychecks missed.