Salary Cap Update

We have updated all of the team salary cap numbers to account for the adjustments that come to each team for 2024. Typically these are for things like incentives that counted on the cap in 2023 but were not earned, credits for bonus repayments, guaranteed salary offsets, and per game bonus credits. In addition to the team carryover these now make up a team’s adjusted salary cap.

The team with the most positive adjustments for the season were the New England Patriots with $10.64 million. They were followed by the Jaguars at $6.5 million and 49ers at $5.7M. Seven teams had negative adjustments. The most came from the Bucs with a loss of $5.2M in cap room. They were followed by the Super Bowl champion Chiefs with a loss of $4.7 million in cap room, and the Raves with a loss of $3.8 million.

Overall, the 49ers will have the biggest adjusted cap for the season at $296.6 million. They are closely followed by the Browns at $289.9 million. Both of those teams had massive carryover figures from 2023. These were by design as both teams knew they would need to create significant 2023 cap space to help in 2024. There is a big gap between these two teams and the number three team (Cardinals), at $269.6M. Three teams will have an adjusted cap during free agency that is less than the $255.4M limit set by the NFL. These teams are the previously mentioned Chiefs, Bucs, and Ravens.

The average adjusted cap will be $261.8M, up over $6M from the unadjusted salary cap figure. The median will be $259.6M. We currently estimate seven teams over the cap following the adjustments. These teams are the 49ers, Cowboys, Broncos, Saints, Chargers, Dolphins, and Bills. These teams have until the first day of the league year to make restructures and cuts so they can be salary cap compliant. The Patriots lead the NFL with about $88M in cap room.