Patriots Release CB JC Jackson

In what was probably the most predictable outcome of the offseason the New England Patriots have officially released CB J.C. Jackson. Jackson was set to count for $14.375 million on the salary cap and had no dead money tied to his release.

Jackson had been a star with the Patriots early in his career but things went downhill for him when he signed with the Chargers for $82.5 million over five years in free agency in 2022. Jackson played in just 7 games with the Chargers, earning $38.4 million from them during that time. The Chargers traded Jackson back to New England for basically nothing but Jackson was unable to recreate what he accomplished in his initial run with the Patriots, eventually landing on the NFI list. Jackson’s contract with the Chargers will likely go down as one of the worst free agent signings of all time. His still counts for $20.83 million in dead money on the Chargers salary cap.

With Jackson’s release the Patriots climb to about $102 million in cap room for 2024, $10 million more than the next closest team in the league.