NFL Predictions: Falcons vs Saints


The picks did a little better last week going 9-6 both with and without the points to bring the season records to 102-60 and 83-79.

Saints (-8.5) over FALCONS– I know the Saints problems on the road are well documented, but this is an indoor stadium against a team that has completely given up on the year. Matt Ryan might be the most disappointing player in the NFL this season. It’s not that he is playing incredibly bad, but with the money he is being paid and my belief in him I would have expected more. For the first time since early in his career he just seemed a bit shell shocked as his players went down. I always assumed Ryan was going to be someone who picked the team up when things got tough, but that has not happened one bit this season. That doesn’t mean Atlanta should be 7-3 right now but they should be a 4 or 5 win team with that level of QB. Instead they have two wins and have been wiped out in their last four contests.

I can’t see any possible way the defense can stop the Saints on offense. The Falcons are giving up nearly 30 points a game and teams are scoring 36% more than their average when they match up against the Falcons. The Saints are scoring 23% more than their opponents allow on average which really makes for a blowout. Saints 37 Falcons 17