NFL Predictions: Week 12


The picks did a little better last week going 9-6 both with and without the points to bring the season records to 102-60 and 83-79. Not reflected in those records was Thursdays game where I split with the Saints winning but not covering…onto week 12

Bears (+1.5) over RAMS– I was surprised to see the Rams favored this week. Bears have weapons at WR that the Rams can’t match. Both QB’s not good but I have more faith in Bears system to hide their QB better. Bears 30 Rams 27

Steelers (+2.5) over BROWNS– Fun little wildcard elimination game. Both teams are pretty evenly matched but I have more faith in Ben making a few plays against a tough defense than whomever QB’s the Browns.  Steelers 21 Browns 20

Buccaneers (+9.5) over LIONS– The one thing about the Bucs is that most weeks you will get effort from this team.  The Lions give effort as well, but 9.5 points is an awful lot to be giving up. This would be a  really bad loss for Detroit, but they should pull this out, just not by 10 points. Lions 26 Buccaneers 20

PACKERS (-4.5) over Vikings– Still unsure what we get from Green Bay but I know we get no defense and very mediocre QB play from the Vikings. Packers should have nice home field advantage here as they stop the bleeding with a win. Packers 34 Vikings 21

CHIEFS (-5.5) over Chargers– San Diego will probably look back on this season and wonder how different things would be with a few different plays, but that’s been the story for them for the last 4 or 5 years. Chiefs defense is too strong for San Diego. Chiefs 21 Chargers 13

Panthers (-4.5) over DOLPHINS– A letdown is always possible in a game like this but Carolina is a different class of team than Miami, specifically on defense. If Carolina plays to their standards I cant see how the Dolphins can consistently move the football. Panthers 23 Dolphins 13

RAVENS (-3.5) over Jets– Who knows with the Jets. On paper this Is not a good matchup for them, but this up and down thing they have going on is unexplainable. I’d expect Joe Flacco to expose the Jets secondary. Ravens 23 Jets 16

TEXANS (-10.5) over Jaguars– This is a significant game for draft positioning as a Texans win pretty much eliminates them from the number 1 pick while a loss makes it wide open. I’m not as confident with the spread here but Houston should do enough to cover. Texans 30 Jaguars 16

Titans (-4.5) over RAIDERS– Oakland has the great unknown at QB but barring a crazy game by him Tennessee should be able to do enough to win. Loser is virtually eliminated from the Wildcard. My guess is its Oaklan. Titans 26 Raiders 16

Colts (+2.5) over CARDINALS– This should be a very good game between the streaky Colts offense and terrific Cardinals defense. Even with a loss I think Arizona can still contend but the lack of QB hurts them. Close game but if the Colts give effort, which they don’t always do, its their game. Colts 23 Cardinals 20

Cowboys (+2.5) over GIANTS– There are a lot of things I like about this game for the Giants, but with a full week to prepare I have to think Dallas is going to be amped up for this game. A loss for Dallas would be devastating and really cap off some comeback by the Giants. Cowboys 28 Giants 20

Broncos (-2.5) over PATRIOTS– Its always fun to see Manning and Brady match up and throw in the Wes Welker subplot and this has the makings of a very dramatic and highly rated game. Broncos probably have too much firepower but this is around the time of year where we will see if the offense slows down with the weather. Broncos 35 Patriots 30

49ers (-5.5) over REDSKINS– San Francisco probably should have won last week and this week will take out all their frustrations on the Redskins. Washington is cracking apart internally and the most interesting aspect surrounding this game may be what goes on off the field if the 49ers dominate. 49ers 30 Redskins 16