Jimmy Garoppolo Suspended

Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo has been suspended by the NFL for two games per ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

This suspension is notable because it should void the $11.25 million salary guarantee that Garoppolo has for 2024 which makes things far easier for the Raiders to release Garoppolo. This will bring his dead money figure down from $28.4 million to $17.1 million and also avoid having to make any cash payments following his release. Garoppolo has a roster bonus due on the 5th day of the league year so his release would be processed before that.

Garoppolo had signed a three year $72.75 million contract with the Raiders last season that was subject to a lot of scrutiny due to protections for an existing injury. The Raiders modified the deal a few times last year before Garoppolo fell out of favor with the team and lost his starting job.