FA Rankings and Team Offseason Guides are Updated

I just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention that we have updated some of our free agency materials for premium subscribers. Currently we have the top 60 ranked free agents. Each player has a contract projection that projects years, total value, and total guarantees that would come from comparable players, as well as a small writeup on each player. I’ll keep adding to this list over the next two weeks.

We also updated our offseason guides which have a quick overview of each team in the league. It gives a overview of where they stand with the salary cap, where they rank in free agency, what their draft situation looks like, possible cuts, current spending, and the contribution (using our OTC valuation) their current players and free agents made last year in the league. Each of these can be downloaded as a pdf. Here is a quick sample of the offensive breakdown of the Titans roster for the year.