Future League Cap Estimates Now Online


I know I have had a number of requests to add tables for future cap years and now with free agency slowing down (though Im still working through some teams), notably the Jacksonville Jaguars) I was able to sit down and add the tables. Under the cap space tab you can now jump to the 2014-2016 league years to see the current estimates for each team. The chart includes players under contract, active 51 salary, dead money, and estimated top 51 cap spending.

As always the numbers are not perfect and we are always looking for any info to help them become more accurate, bu these should give you a pretty decent idea of where teams stand in the future. I think it will also help better understanding of some of the long term planning teams are going through as they focus not just on 2013 but the next two years of the franchise.

All the table headers are sortable so just click on the header to relist the tables in the order you want. As always keep emailing any suggestions and I will do my best to work on adding them to the site.