Vikings Kevin Williams Takes Paycut


The Vikings Kevin Williams set to earn $7 million in base salary has agreed to a large paycut according to NFLPA records. It had long been rumored that the Vikings were looking to drop Williams salary to a more manageable figure and it would seem as if they were able to finally get him to agree to the contract restructure.

While we do not have exact details of the restructure we do know that His base salary was reduced from $7 million to $4.9 million dollars, a savings of $2.1 million. Williams, in his original contract, also had a $100,000 workout bonus and $400,000 weight bonus that was considered “likely to be earned” for cap purposes. We are estimating that the Vikings maintained the workout bonus but eliminated the weight clause, adding up to a total savings of $2.5 million in cap dollars.

In return for agreeing to the paycut the Vikings have deleted the 2014 year from Williams’ contract, allowing him to become a free agent after this season,. The Vikings should have around $6.9 million in cap room following the move.

Update: Per Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500 our guess on the contract structure was correct, however the Vikings also guaranteed the $4.9 million base salary of Williams in the renegotiation.

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