A Few New Features


While still sorting through numbers and trying to get as much help as possible to keep our database accurate I decided to add a few new items based on some feedback. If you happen to click on a team cap page, the cap space page, or individual player page you will notice a small menu which gives you the opportunity to view either cap or cash spending in a given year for a player or team. Hopefully this can give people a better idea as to what the real motivations may be behind cutting or keeping a player beyond just the salary cap hits. As with everything on the site its certainly not perfect and we are always looking for help to get our data as close to perfect as possible, but it should give decent estimates for our readers to better discuss their favorite teams and players.

Cash spending is mainly comprised of base salary, roster/reporting bonuses, workout bonuses, and prorated bonuses actually paid or promised to be paid in a given year. There will be a few differences between what you may see in reports on players and what is listed here. For example it seems as if a per game roster bonus will be considered as fully earned in a league cash report even if the player did not appear in 16 games the year before while only partially earned for cap purposes. To keep from losing my sanity my cash values will equal the cap values for such bonuses. I also do not have the sources (or time!) needed to perform PV calculations that will come into play with valuing deferred bonuses so they will be presented in full as well.

You will notice two ratios on each page. The first is called cash  to cap which is pretty explanatory. It is simply the cash value of a players contract divided by his cash value. A player with a high cash to cap is being paid in real dollars at a far greater rate than his cap hit, such as Joe Flacco who will earn nearly 4.5 times as much in real money as will be accounted for on the cap.

The CSC ratio is a bit different. Its an attempt by me to put full savings into perspective. The CSC is defined as:

(Cash number + Cap Savings) / (Salary Cap Number)

So basically its total savings divided by what it would keep in cap dollars to keep a player. A ratio over 1 would be a player that probably has a higher likelihood of being released as the cash and cap savings would be greater than the cap number occupied if the player sticks on his current contract. A ratio under 1 indicates that there is less to gain in overall benefits than just keeping the player on the team. Negative numbers are probably indicative of a player with almost no chance of being released.

The CSC does not factor guaranteed money into the cash savings aspect so for some players with full guarantees the CSC probably overstates the savings associated with cutting a player. One day Ill fix that up but that will not be anytime soon.

We’ll work on adding some additional ways to view data in the future. Thanks for the support.