A Quick Little Revis Trade Consideration


Alot of rumors and speculation on potential landing spots for Jets CB Darrelle Revis. I just had a quick thought pop into my head that I wanted to share. Remember that there is no reason why a team needs to enter into a long term contract with Revis. He is contractually obligated to play out the season for $6 million dollars and if he decides to hold out then another 3 years at just $3 million per season kick onto his contract rather than voiding out. While there could be some concerns of Revis sulking without an extension the fact that he is coming off injury and looking to hit free agency running next year makes that a non-concern. If he fails to play well people will attribute it to injury and Revis will never get the money he seeks. Plus, as someone that has watched Revis for almost every game of his career, I can safely say that Revis is not the type of competitor that will allow the contract to impact his play once he actually suits up.

But one thing that I think we are failing to consider here is the potential of compensatory draft selections with Revis. While I have speculated that the Jets could potentially get nothing in return for Revis if he bolts next season that is primarily because they would be active free agency players in 2014. Revis would simply be out of their price range. If Revis goes to a more cap strapped contender those teams would likely not be big spenders in 2014. I believe that when a player is traded so should the compensatory aspect of the contract if the player leaves the following season.

So if you are the 49’ers, Broncos, Falcons or any other team with a late draft pick the real decision could be something along the lines of the 30th pick in the NFL for Revis and a 3rd round pick in the 2015 NFL Draft for a 1 year rental of potentially the best CB in the game for just $6 million in cap and cash consideration. No long term contract required and you probably get a pick in 2015 to at least replace something that you lost. Its really not that steep of a price for a team that feels one good corner could make all the difference in the world next season.