Thoughts on John Idzik’s Spending and Decision Making with the Jets via SN


In this week’s Sporting News piece I look at the decisions made by John Idzik in his attempt to rebuild the Jets, their lack of spending, over-reliance on late draft selections, and limited moves in free agency. Normally I would just have the article direct link to here but I figured I would open this up to comments here  if anyone wanted to discuss him further.

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  • McGeorge

    In theory I like a number of things Idzik did. The problems is his drafting and player evaluation for free agents is poor, and that wrecks any plan. I was extremely concerned when he hired Rod Graves and some other old time retreads to be in charge of player evaluation.

    I think the Jets are royally screwed, that Woody Johnson will give Idzik another year, and they will reach rock bottom. After he is fired it will take 4 years to recover. The Jets wont be fun to watch until 2019. Thankfully I’m not a season ticket holder and I hope Woody Johnson is very unhappy with his expensive toy.

  • buk

    Jason’s article is a bit too neutral on Idzik
    Offense-Idzik swapped Holmes for Decker, Amaro for Winslow , 34yr backup in Vick they never intended to play and Chris Johnson. That is not a major upgrade nor does it provide any depth at WR should a Decker get hurt ala hamstring(like Holmes) when clearly they had such a low opinion of Stephen Hill. The recent cut of 4th Rd Saunders makes the cut of 2nd Rd Hill even more baffling when I see Nelson and Salas running deep routes.
    Special Teams-For third straight year outside of Foles the Jets special teams can’t return kickoff, return or block a punt. The only justification to cut Hill was for Saunders expected contribution on special teams but he fumbled a punt. I thought Julian Edelman would have been a perfect free agent with excellent production in passing game and as punt returned. Add depth at WR and positive yardage with punt returns as you could have signed Edelman for far less than Golden Tate. For 2nd straight yr jets were forced to have Kerley fair catch ball or bring in journeyman like Cribs etc. Again, the jets went to two championship games with strong defense and special teams that made plays with Brad Smith and it’s eroded since.
    Defense-sad thing is jets r two players from having a great defense. Idzik allowing DRC out the door then failing to at least bring Cro back on 1yr deal has been devastating. DRC on Jordy Nelson,Alshon Jeffrey, Golden Tate could have helped limit absolutely huge production from those receivers in very close games. Secondary has one pick in 5 games despite jets leading lead in sacks and against the run. This secondary as a whole does not make plays. Cro and ED Reed accounted for 6 picks last yearn they r not on the team. Idzik traded Regis and cut Cromartie which were choices he did not have to make but did. Justified or not , the fact that Idzik replaced two pro bowl corners with this bunch is near unforgivable.

  • BrooklynDude99

    It’s becoming clear that Geno is not going to be the QB of the future.
    I thought John Idzik took a cautious approach to spending money so that he could evaluate his QB Geno Smith and determine whether any of the players drafted this year could establish themselves as NFL players. Finding players in the middle of the draft and giving them a chance to play seems like a smart approach. Finding them is the big key though.

    Injuries to McDougle and Evans make it harder to determine if it was truly a bad draft at this point in time. Cutting Jalen Saunders hurt but can anybody be surprised that some of the later drafted players got cut.

    Idzik should have drafted another QB earlier in the draft with legitimate potential instead of Tajh Boyd in the sixth round. Now it looks like we have to draft another guy next year and give him time to develop. The Redskins were smart to draft Kirk Cousins after drafting RG3.

  • buk

    If Jason has time maybe he could provide a ballpark estimate of how much Jets will be under the cap next year assuming Vick and Chris Johnson are released heading into next year’s free agency. If they are cut that should be 8 mil cap savings plus the dead money charges which come off from Holmes,Sanchez and Cro contracts. If I am anywhere near correct the jets could be 35 mil under the current cap heading into free agency next year with plenty of holes of holes to fill.
    Based on what will likely be a 5 or 6 win season the jets should a top 10 first Rd draft pick next year. So with or without Rex, Idzik will have a chance to hit the reset button with another draft and free agency with tremendous pressure on him to demonstrate a sense of urgency.

    • McGeorge

      Based on Jasons podcast, the Jets will keep Mangold and Dbrick, because they have no one else, and they have to spend money. What about David Harris? He’s probably gone, or gets a pay cut. The Jets will end up being forced to sign more free agents.