Analyzing Andrew Luck’s Contract with the Colts

I have a full breakdown of the Luck contract over at the Sporting News this week with all the various metrics concerning the record setting contract. Any comments post them here.

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Looking at Drew Brees’ Upcoming Contract Negotiation

Over at the Sporting News this week I took a look at Drew Brees’ upcoming contract talks with the Saints. Brees arguably has the most leverage ever in a negotiation with a massive franchise tag number virtually blocking the Saints from keeping him from hitting free agency. This leads to a very difficult decision for the Saints as  to how to approach this contract.

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The Brock Osweiler Contract Possibilities via SN

This week at the Sporting News I take a look at Brock Osweiler’s incredible timing of getting the starting job on a team with a dominant defense as he prepares for free agency in 2016. It may put the Broncos in a bit of  a bind with their salary cap situation and franchise tag decision. Feel free to check it out and comment here if you would like.

Osweiler’s Contract Possibilities via SN

Constructing the Ultimate 53 Man Roster via SN

In honor of the start of fantasy football I decided to take things one step further and see how hard it was to build a 53 man “fantasy” roster using actual cap charges and salary cap limits. I cant make things so easy as to stock up on draft picks, so I have rules that limit how I can use the 2012 through 2015 drafts to construct the team as well to best reflect the way teams rise and fall each season and land in different “draft zones”.  Maybe Ill chat with Nick and see if we can build a tool here for people to try their hand at this, but if you want to take the time to give it a shot by hand feel free to post your team in the comments. You can also comment on any of my selections if you want more explanation on the roster.

Jason’s Ultimate 53 Man Roster 

Explaining the Important Dates of the Preseason via SN

For this week’s SN piece I look at the important upcoming dates as we close out the preseason. I’ll explain roster cuts, injury settlements, waiver, and cap changes that hit on each date. If you have any questions post them here and Ill do my best to clarify.

Important Preseason Contract Dates via SN

Looking at the Saints Salary Cap Mistakes via Sporting News

Recapping Todays Franchise Player Signings via SN