The Financial Impacts of the Draft Day Trades


With the draft complete I thought it might be an interesting thing to look at the financial implications of all the trades made by teams leading during the draft. Not surprisingly the Packers gained the most dollars of the teams listed by having a net gain of 3 players in the draft which will add nearly $6 million in total contract value to the club. That said they are a team that maneuvers the bottom of the draft and they only added around $300,000 in real cap commitments via signing bonus money.

The team to the most guarantees was the Dolphins making the big move up to number 3, which corresponded to the Raiders losing the most. The Bills and Patriots were the only two other teams to eliminate over $1 million in bonus money, while the Vikings and Rams were the only other two to add more than $1 million in bonus payouts this year. That was based on getting into the first round by trading lower level players who don’t have much bonus allocations assigned, which is why they added bonus charges but reduced total values.

The Falcons moved 3 picks and cut about $1.17 million in 2013 cap obligations. The Browns also cut over $1 million in cap room. The Falcons may need the added space while the Browns have no need to conserve cap space. The Packers were the only team to add more than a million to their estimated rookie pool.

I believe I have all the data entered correctly for the rookie pool estimates, but if you notice any errors in any of the charts just drop me a line.


cap chart