Stock Down: Week 9


Every Monday during the season we will take a look back at three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have hurt their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on Sunday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that did not live up to the expectations that his contract sets for the player.

Stock Down

Willis McGahee– Most people thought McGahee was finished when the Broncos released him this offseason, but he ended up with a great opportunity when the Cleveland Browns brought him n to replace Trent Richardson. Unfortunately for McGahee he has not made the most of his chance to prove the doubters wrong, averaging just 2.6 yards per carry this year. The Browns gave him 21 chances with the ball on Sunday and he averaged 1.5 yards per carry. This will likely signal the end of his career.

Darren McFadden– 5 carries for 12 yards and then leaving with an injury pretty much sums up the career for McFadden. He is doing nothing to dispel the notion that he can’t be effective in the NFL as this is his second sub 15 yard day this season and his 5th day carrying for less than 3.3 yards a run. McFadden said all the right things in the offseason about how he was going to prove to everyone he deserved a big contract. Now he is going to have to find a way to prove that the Raiders system somehow is causing him to get injured and be ineffective. That’s going to be a tall task.

Johnathan Joseph– Joseph had an incredibly difficult time last night covering TY Hilton in the second half as the Colts stormed back to beat the Texans in the 4th quarter. Joseph could be in a difficult position in 2014. The Texans are a bad football team that has to strongly consider if this is a group that they can make another run with or if it needs to be broken down. Joseph is set to carry an $11.25 million hit next year and earn $7.5 million in the process. The way the corner market has gone he could find himself having to take a short term deal for a few million less than that if he is released.

New Contract Disappointment Of The Week

Joe Flacco– Sunday was pretty close to a must win game for the Baltimore Ravens and all the team could do was muster 18 points in a losing effort. The Ravens paid Joe Flacco to be great and he has had a hard time living up to the price tag. Pro Football Focus rates Flacco as the 3rd worst starting QB in the NFL this season, only ahead of two rookies. On Sunday Flacco was outplayed by Jason Campbell, a journeyman in every sense of the word just holding on to a NFL career.  Between he and Matt Ryan it seems to be a weekly duel as to whose team overpaid more for the QB.