NFL Early Cuts Continue: Boley and Rucker gone…


Rather than allowing the Detroit Lions to have all the early NFL fun. the Giants and Browns have hopped into the game cutting OLB Michael Boley and DE Frostee Rucker respectively. The Giants should create $4.5 million in cap room with the release of Boley, who will be the first of many releases and restructures the Giants will likely need to make to move comfortably under the salary cap.

Rucker will actually cost the Browns cap money, which might make the move seem surprising, but Brian McIntyre of Yahoo! Sports shed some light as to the timing of the release

So this is a situation of  attempting to avoid sinking more costs into an unproductive player who no longer fits their defense and the Browns saved themselves $2.6 million in cash by doing so. Im going to work on putting together a release tracker that I’ll stick up on the menu in  a day or two.