Dolphins Remove Bryant McKinnie’s 2014 Season


In a very small bit of housekeeping today I noticed that the contract of LT Bryant McKinnie no longer contained his 2014 season according to records maintained with the NFLPA. I was able to confirm through a League source that the Dolphins did indeed restructure the contract of McKinnie to delete the season from his contract, allowing McKinnie to become a free agent in 2014. No terms of his 2013 season were changed and he maintains his cap charge of $650,735.

In his contract signed with the Ravens McKinnie could have earned up to $3 million in compensation via his P5 salary, roster and workout bonuses, and weight incentives in 2014. None of the money was guaranteed and McKinnie’s traded contract contained no dead money so in essence the Dolphins could have kept the season intact and simply cut him next year. If I had to venture a guess maybe the Dolphins thought that dangling free agency in front of McKinnie could motivate him to perform for a new contract, though at 34 years of age it is hard to imagine much of a market for a player like McKinnie and such a tactic working.