Bobby Wagner’s Contract Breakdown

Per information provided via Twitter by Joel Corry via Miguel of Patscap we have the full breakdown of Bobby Wagner’s new $43 million contract with the Seahawks. It’s an interesting contract with contract mechanisms that are a bit older in style with an option bonus backed up by a non-exercise fee that not only departs from the most other contracts but also departs from the Seahawks traditional style of contract. Many have made this contract out to the biggest at the position, which it is in terms of annual value, but a deeper look at the deal really points to a two year contract that does trail some of the biggest inside linebackers contracts in some key metrics . Continue reading Bobby Wagner’s Contract Breakdown »

The Seahawks Superstar Roster Strategy

It was a big week for the Seahawks who signed quarterback Russell Wilson to a big contract extension and then locked up linebacker Bobby Wagner to a top market contract. The moves, while expected,  have clearly defined the Seahawks strategy of building a star laden roster at certain positions, while sacrificing the second tier players and instead relying  on rookies and lower payscale “value” players to make up the roster. While they are not the only team to take this approach (the Packers were a team I specifically discussed in my marginal value analysis at the top of the roster) the Seahawks are now going to blow them, and anyone else, in the NFL away in this regard.  So let’s take a quick look at the Seahawks heavy investment in their top talent. Continue reading The Seahawks Superstar Roster Strategy »