Recent Site Updates

I wanted to update everyone on where we are right now with all of the roster changes and the cap space. The big news is that I made the switch to full roster accounting so when you click on the cap space page or look at the cap space figures on the team pages it is our estimates for the full roster. In season accounting means that every player on the roster counts towards the salary cap not just the top 51 players. Remember that cap space, much like in free agency, is very fluid right now and teams still have a few days to comply. So when you see a team listed as “over the cap” it most likely means that a contract modification has been made that we are unaware of or do not have the details on just yet, such as the Saints recent extension with Max Unger. 

For the most part the rosters are now up to date with releases, reserve lists, and the practice squad. There are a few stragglers from the summer who will need to be removed from the rosters and that will be cleaned up in the next few days. There are also a few veteran contracts and rookie contracts that are not fully updated. I am hoping to clear those up by Wednesday.  Please keep in mind that there is going to be some time before we get reasonable information on players signed over the weekend such as Josh Sitton. Any players you see missing or incorrectly listed as being on the roster please let me know as that helps the process.

Nick also made some changes to make the site a bit more mobile friendly. We have a few things to still sort out there but please let me know via email or contact Nick via our support form for any feedback on the mobile aspect of the site.

Thanks for the support and hopefully we’ll be able to get some added content up during the course of the season on a more regular basis.