Raiders Gain $3.4 Million in Cap Space

The Raiders who were hard up against the salary cap created $3.4 million in salary cap space by restructuring the contract of linebacker Cory Littleton for the second time this year. The Raiders converted $4.25 million of Littleton’s salary to a bonus reducing his cap charge from $9.329 million to $5.929 million.

The conversion increased Littleton’s salary cap charge in 2022 by $850,000 to $15.768 million, 5th highest at the position. The Raiders will be in better salary cap shape next year but the 2022 cao number combined with what will be a $9.98 million charge on the cap in 2023 if they allow his contract to void, probably puts Littleton in a great position to receive a contract extension next year.

The Raiders now have approximately $3.1 million in cap room this year, which should be enough to function for the remainder of the year. The Raiders project to have around $40 million in cap room next year.