NFL Predictions 2014: Week 9


I finished last week with a 9-6 record straight up and 8-7 record against the spread. I got the double win with my pick of the Saints this Thursday so now my yearly record now stands at 81-40-1 and 71-48-3. Onto week 9…

Chargers (+2) over DOLPHINS – Kind of a big game for both teams. A loss for the Chargers really sends them back to the pack, while a loss for the Dolphins I think solidifies the opinion that they cant win against a good team. I’ll go with the better QB. Chargers 23 Dolphins 20

BENGALS (-10) over Jaguars- The only hope the Jaguars have is if the Bengals have a letdown game after last weeks win. Otherwise its hard to imagine the Jaguars scoring enough to win this game. Bengals 28 Jaguars 13

BROWNS (-7) over Buccaneers– The schedule certainly breaks right for the Browns this season as there’s nobody worse than Tampa. I think the Browns need to put up big points if anyone will take this run seriously. Browns 34 Buccaneers 17

Redskins (PK) over VIKINGS– I have no feel for this one at all. Vikings defense should keep this as a low scoring game, but Im not sure their offense can muster enough to win. If the Vikings QB develops over the course of the year Minnesota will have some pieces in place for 2015, but for 2014 Ill go against them.  Redskins 17 Vikings 16

Eagles (-1.5) over TEXANS– This line scares me as I think the Eagles are a much better team, even on the road, than Houston. That said the Eagles defense is not great by any means and Arian Foster, provided he can go all game, is putting this team on his back and can do lot of damage against Philly. Foster deserves a great deal of credit for what he has done this year. Eagles 24 Texans 21

CHIEFS (-8.5) over Jets– The Jets only have one chance in this one. If Mike Vick turns back the clock and has an unstoppable game with his legs  the Jets can pull off the upset, otherwise don’t expect much here. I cant picture any possible way the Jets stop the short passing game of the Chiefs. Chiefs 34 Jets 14

Cardinals (+2.5) over COWBOYS– Should be a terrific game between two very evenly matched teams. If Dallas can establish the run early they probably have an advantage, but Im worried about Tony Romos health. If he isn’t right the Cardinals will sell out to stop Murray. Should be close and I think you can make a strong case for either team. Cardinals 23 Cowboys 21

49ERS (-10) over Rams– Another week and another injury for the Rams. Niners should be rested and ready to roll this week. The line is a little high, especially for a division matchup, but the Rams too often have really bad games in them. 49ers 30 Rams 17

Broncos (-3) over PATRIOTS– Another Manning/Brady bowl. I know the matchup gets overdone during the week leading up  to it, but I don’t think its definitive that these are the two best teams in the AFC  and you never know when one could decide to call it a career. So enjoy it while we have it because there I nothing else like this on the horizon. Broncos 34 Patriots 27

SEAHAWKS (-14) over Raiders– This would be shocking if Oakland pulled off an upset. If this game is even close it probably doesn’t say great things about Seattle moving forward. Id expect a big effort from the Seahawks this week. Seahawks 29 Raiders 10

Ravens (-1.5) over STEELERS– Huge game in the AFC North. Do you get the Steelers from last week or the Steelers have trouble with the Bucs and Jaguars. They are the hardest team in the NFL to get a handle on and because of that I’ll take the more consistent team. Ravens 27  Steelers 17

Colts (-3) over GIANTS– New York got some added life with the Cowboys and Eagles both losing last week, but they have little margin for error and I cant see this being a good matchup for the, Reminds me a lot of the Lions matchup turned out in week 1, which is not good for the Giants. Colts 31 Giants 21