NFL Predictions 2014: Week 8


Last week I went 8-7 when playing with the points and 10-5 just picking winners. I split on the Thursday game getting the winner correct but not the point spread winner. The yearly record is now 72-34-1 SU and 62-42-3 ATS.  Onto week 8…

FALCONS (+3.5) over Lions– I love the idea of early morning football and I expect a good one here. I actually like the Falcons with the upset. Atlanta season is really riding on this and while Detroit’s defense has played great I am not sure if their offense will do enough to win, even against the terrible Falcons defense. Falcons 20 Lions 17

Vikings (+2.5) over BUCCANEERS– I view both teams as pretty much equals offensively but consider the Vikings defense to be around average while the Tampa one is dreadful. I expect that to make all the difference even with the extra weeks rest. Vikings win outright. Vikings 24 Buccaneers 20

PATRIOTS (-6) over Bears– Very hard game to gauge. I don’t think anyone is sold on the Patriots but the Bears defense is really terrible which likely means a shootout. Unless Jay Cutler is good for 4 quarters, which is a rarity, I cant see them winning that kind of game. Probably right around a touchdown difference though Chicago is a better road than home team. Patriots 28 Bears 20

CHIEFS (-7) over Rams– I think last week was the Rams Super Bowl and wouldn’t expect the great effort against a Chiefs team that has to believe they are right in the thick of the hunt. Can’t see this being close. Chiefs 30 Rams 17


Seahawks (-5) over PANTHERS– Catching Seattle off a bad loss is probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Panthers this week. Russell Wilson is playing incredibly well and should eat up the Panther’s struggling defense. I’ll be interested to see if Cam Newton can play superman and keep it close as he’ll have extra motivation, but the roster around him is not good enough to win this one. Seahawks 34 Panthers 20

Bills (+2.5) over JETS– I hate making this pick but the Bills defense is playing extremely well and the Jets offense doesn’t score points against anyone so its probably another Nick Folk FG fest. You cant win in the NFL that way and the Jets probably won’t win this week in the battle of inept offenses. Bills 21 Jets 17

Dolphins (-6) over JAGUARS– Miami is stuck in eternal limbo and that means they will feast on teams like this. Jacksonville has nothing right now and the Dolphins pass rush sould make life miserable for Blake Bortles. Dolphins 30 Jaguars 14

Texans (-3.5) over TITANS– The Titans are about one step away from picking up the phone and calling me to QB the team. You know its bad when Ryan Fitzpatrick is clearly the best QB on the field and one the Titans could have kept this year. Texans 24 Titans 16

Ravens (-1.5) over BENGALS– Revenge game for Baltimore, who lost in week 1 and is getting the Bengals t the perfect time. Cincinnati needs to figure out how to slow down the bleeding and this is not the team to do it against. Maybe when AJ Green comes back they will start winning again, but expect struggles this week. Ravens 27 Bengals 13

Eagles (+1.5) over CARDINALS– This should be one of the best games of the weekend. Can the Cardinals shut down the Eagles offense?  Can the Eagles defense do enough to keep the game in the low 20s?  This could be an early round 1 playoff preview. I favor the Eagles off the week of rest, though Arizona is more consistent and would probably win in a 7 game series. Eagles 26 Cardinals 24


Colts (-3.5) over STEELERS– Pittsburgh is struggling while the Colts are rolling along. Not a good opponent for the Steelers in any manner. To win, the Steelers will need their best game in probably two years. Colts 35 Steelers 17

BROWNS (-6.5) over Raiders– This would be a devastating loss for the Browns and perhaps one that send Brian Hoyer to the bench. I just cant see the Browns losing this one to a team as bad as Oakland. Browns 26 Raiders 14

Packers (+2.5) over SAINTS– There are many things wrong with New Orleans this year but their defense is the main problem and when your defense is a problem the Packers are not the opponent you want to face. The Saints offense doesn’t have enough firepower to win these type of games this year. Packers 37 Saints 24

COWBOYS (-10) over Redskins– The Redskins believe that Colt McCoy gives them the best chance to win a football game. Let that sink in for a minute as you get ready for this game.  Cowboys only worry here is the backdoor cover. Cowboys 34 Redskins 20