NFL Predictions 2014: Week 14

I sure did poorly last week going 5-11 ATS and 11-5 straight up. My yearly record is now 127-64-1 and 106-82-4. I did get a win with Dallas but that was basically a lay up. Lets hope Sunday does just as well…

Ravens (+3) over DOLPHINS– I almost feel like this could be an elimination game for the playoffs as both teams could use this one. Baltimore seems to find ways to lose and the Miami defense is a difficult matchup but I don’t know if Tannehill can do enough to win a close game. Ravens 23 Dolphins 21

Steelers (+3) over BENGALS– Should play out as a close game, but with these two teams you never know what you actually get. My feeling is if the Steelers win they will win by a big margin but might stay close even in a loss, so Ill take the points. Bengals 21 Steelers 20

Colts (-3) over BROWNS– I gave my thoughts on the podcast on the Browns decision and I think this opponent plays a big role. Colts are way too much for the Browns. Colts 29 Browns 20


Texans (-5.5) over JAGUARS– Do I expect Ryan Fitzpatrick to have another great game?  No, but they should still overwhelm the Jaguars. Unlike the Giants they wont give a lead back either. Texans 27 Jaguars 13

SAINTS (-10) over Panthers– This is a big line but the Saints should explode against a bad Carolina team as they make their push to the playoffs. Only worry is a late score by Carolina that gets the cover. Saints 34 Panthers 21

Giants (-1) over TITANS– Major draft implications with this game as the Giants more or less drop out of the running for a top 5 pick with win while the Titans keep hope alive for a number 1 pick with a loss. Giants 26 Titans 20

Buccaneers (+10.5) over Lions– The Bucs try at times on defense and usually it doesn’t take much effort to slow down the Lions offense. The line is too big for Stafford and company. Lions 20 Buccaneers 13

Rams (-3) over REDSKINS– Rams are playing good football and the Redskins are not. I’ll be curious to see Washingtons offseason plan because they need to turn this whole thing upside down. Rams 26 Redskins 20

VIKINGS (-4.5) over Jets– Id be very surprised if the Jets moved the ball much against the Vikings defense. Jets have to be deflated after last weeks loss. Vikings 21 Jets 13

Bills (+10) over BRONCOS– I don’t think people are giving the Bills defense enough credit in this game. They have the interior to bottle up the Broncos running game and the rush to pester Manning. They may not have any offense but I think they are a legit upset contender this week. Bills will have a chance late.  Broncos 24 Bills 23

Chiefs (-1) over CARDINALS– Both teams have limitations but both should make the playoffs. Arizona losing their running back hurts for this game and should lead to them just falling short. I feel as if this game will be decided by a defensive play by one of the teams that gets points on the board. Chiefs 19 Cardinals 17

49ers (-8.5) over RAIDERS– This may be the last team the 49ers beat this season. Niners are going to face many offseason questions about who to let go from the roster to keep competitive over the long haul 49ers 23 Raiders 13

EAGLES (-1) over Seahawks– This should be a great game. I’ll be very interested to see if Mark Sanchez can play well against this type of defense and if the Seahawks let Wilson pass more against the Eagles secondary. If Seattle wins I think they win the West. Eagles 26 Seahawks 24

Patriots (-3.5) over CHARGERS– Great win by the Chargers to stay right in the thick of the playoff race last week, but New England is a different class of team. I think Rivers gives it a good effort but the Patriots will have too much for the Chargers to counter. Patriots 30 Chargers 21

PACKERS (-13.5) over Falcons– Unless Green Bay plays down, which they do from time to time in games they think will be a walk, this shouldn’t be close. This is an opportunity for Matt Ryan to show that he can still be an elite QB, but I don’t like his chances. Packers 37 Falcons 23