Jets to Release TE CJ Uzomah

In a move expected by many around the league, the Jets are expected to move on from tight end CJ Uzomah per ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

Uzomah was signed by the Jets as a free agent to a surprising three year, $24 million contract with $15 million guaranteed at signing. Uzomah was considered a great locker room guy in his run with the Jets but failed to live up to the contract finishing with just 290 receiving yards in his two seasons with the team.

Uzomah was going to count for $11.221 million on the salary cap and once officially released will count for $5.921 million in dead money. The release will open up $5.3 million in cap space and result in a net gain of $4.5 million in cap space for the Jets. Uzomah did finish the year on IR and it is possible that he will be eligible for the NFL’s injury protection benefit. This is something that would be claimed closer to or after the start of the season and would reduce the savings for the team by about $1.2 million.

Once made official the Jets will be right around $25 million in cap room for 2024, which would rank 19th in the NFL prior to the franchise tag deadline. Their dead money on the year will rise to $34.5 million which is currently the top number in the NFL. They will lose that position once final void years hit for teams across the league and certain post June 1 designations are made, specifically the Broncos release of Russell Wilson which will cost over $35 million by itself.