Internship Opportunity for Those Pursuing Career in Salary Cap/Contracts

OTC has a very strong following among people who currently work in the NFL and those hoping to pursue careers in the NFL, and I think this should be of interest to those readers. We have an internship opportunity to offer this year where you will get to work with a sports agent and get some very hands on experience working with the salary cap and NFL contracts.

I think this will be a great opportunity for someone to help launch a career in sports. You should be able to gain the fundamental knowledge to better compete for positions in the NFL when the opportunity arises.  Judging from my own experience running OTC and Jetscap, there is no better way to learn this side of the NFL than immersing yourself in it and getting first hand experience in the business.

We are looking for a student or recent graduate that is passionate about the NFL and is willing to put in the hours and effort to work with all levels of the cap. Trust me I know the grunt work that goes into running OTC and you need to be willing to spend that same time working on details of the lowest level futures contracts as you would an NFL superstar.

Ideally the candidate is pursuing a law degree and/or has a background in the field of finance, statistics, or a related discipline, but all applicants would be considered. I would also imagine knowing your way around Excel or databases would be helpful.

For those interested in the opportunity please email me a resume and cover letter at  In your cover letter please include something about OTC (what you enjoy, dislike, would like to see, etc…) just so I have a better idea of how much you actually use OTC since I would like this to go to someone who actually is a regular visitor to the site.  Please put “Salary Cap Resume” in the subject or your email. Someone will follow up with qualified applicants via email or phone.

Add on 5/11: Here are a few answers to some of the questions I have been receiving on the position. The position is actually working with an NFL agent rather than OTC itself (though we would certainly be more than happy to offer some projects for qualified applicants as well).  The position can be accomplished remotely so no relocation is needed. The timing is flexible as youll be working on a specific project/projects but youll be expected to work hard to complete the projects, which I dont see being a problem based on what I have received thus far. The prior two interns who have worked on this have received full time jobs in the NFL so it really is a great opportunity.

Thanks again for all the support at OTC.