Feb 3 NFL Salary Cap Space Update


With the NFL season officially over, today marks the day in which the offseason begins and teams begin implementing their roster management strategies for 2014. Teams can begin to release players from the roster today and this is the week in which most contracts that contain void provisions will terminate if the player and team fail to reach an extension agreement.

Players with automatic voidable years include Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Broncos), Knowshon Moreno (Broncos), Jordan Gross (Panthers), Corey Webster (Giants), Brandon Myers (Giants), Victor Butler (Saints), Larry English (Chargers), BJ Raji (Packers), Brian Orakpo (Redskins), Brandon Meriweather (Redskins), London Fletcher (Redskins), and Josh Morgan (Redskins). Matt Cassel (Vikings) has the ability to void his contract this week if he chooses and I believe Jason Babin of the Jaguars can declare himself a free agent and void his deal but that timeframe is longer. Malcolm Jenkins (Saints) already had his contract void last week.

Franchise tag designations will begin on February 17 and end on March 3. Once a player is tendered the tag the Franchise value immediately hits the salary cap and remains there until a deal is reached or the player signs with another team. You only get one tag to use so teams often wait until the last minute to use it.

Teams will have until 4PM on March 11 to extend RFA tenders and ERFA tenders to their free agents who have yet to achieve veteran status. The RFA tenders should be $3.023M (1st round comp), $2.124(2nd round comp), and $1.389M(original round comp/ROFR). ERFA tenders are simply the minimum salary that can be earned by the player. Provided these tenders are in the top 51 valued contracts they will count on the salary cap immediately upon extending the tender.

Below are our current estimated for cap space in 2014 based on a $126.3M salary cap, each teams’ cap carryover, and the void year contracts all voiding. It does not take into account tender possibilities or other adjustments such as the Patriots credit they should receive for Brandon Lloyd’s cap treatment in 2013. I had some requests to detail changes in these but I really can’t do that. During this time of year escalators are earned and NLTBE and LTBE adjustments made and they are usually the reason for changes in the numbers.  In some cases I have corrections to my database that I take into account.

As of today I have eight teams that have $1 million or less of salary cap space and clearly need to do work to be cap compliant in the 2014 League Year. Another eight have between $2.2 and $8.3 million in room, basically putting half the NFL in a position of work needing to be done in order to operate effectively in 2014. These 16 teams include the Panthers, 49ers, Patriots, Seahawks, Chiefs, Chargers, and Saints- all playoff teams last season which includes the Super Bowl Champions and two of the other three finalists. Big spenders should be the Raiders, Jaguars, and Browns all who have huge cap room. The Colts, Packers, Bengals, and Eagles should be the four playoff teams with the most cap space in 2014.


TeamPlayersAdjusted CapEst. SpendEst. Dead MoneyEst. TotalEst. Cap Space
Oakland Raiders50$128,550,000$57,950,888$9,311,192$67,262,080$61,287,920
Jacksonville Jaguars51$145,945,313$90,898,454$5,600,511$96,498,965$49,446,348
Cleveland Browns51$150,837,568$98,186,394$7,194,157$105,380,551$45,457,017
Indianapolis Colts51$126,907,906$92,210,148$800,734$93,010,882$33,897,024
Miami Dolphins49$144,364,000$106,939,831$4,942,896$111,882,727$32,481,273
Green Bay Packers51$136,120,459$108,207,545$1,277,484$109,485,029$28,347,930
Washington Redskins51$126,300,000$113,930,281$155,233$114,085,514$24,145,986
Cincinnati Bengals51$134,963,480$110,314,240$984,283$111,298,523$23,664,957
Minnesota Vikings51$127,112,317$103,239,582$333,163$103,572,745$23,539,572
Philadelphia Eagles51$143,469,768$122,035,688$1,348,343$123,384,031$20,085,737
New York Jets51$127,773,437$107,679,921$48,958$107,728,879$20,044,558
Buffalo Bills51$144,101,975$113,064,380$12,070,113$125,134,493$18,967,482
New York Giants50$126,300,000$116,718,676$403,141$117,121,817$13,008,183
Denver Broncos51$134,231,875$125,670,501$1,137,330$126,807,831$12,894,044
Baltimore Ravens46$127,831,423$111,530,107$4,422,216$115,952,323$11,879,100
Tampa Bay Buccaneers51$133,069,781$122,461,310$139,119$122,600,429$10,469,352
Carolina Panthers51$132,312,268$111,651,563$12,240,241$123,891,804$8,300,464
Atlanta Falcons51$129,429,200$119,162,294$3,172,507$122,334,801$7,094,399
Tennessee Titans51$133,253,561$124,496,884$2,449,725$126,946,609$6,306,952
Chicago Bears46$127,046,727$119,995,330$1,476,671$121,472,001$5,574,726
San Francisco 49ers51$128,475,038$121,006,338$1,934,689$122,941,027$5,534,011
New England Patriots51$130,406,801$118,224,826$8,533,721$126,758,547$3,648,254
Houston Texans51$127,414,730$121,645,595$3,247,174$124,892,769$2,521,961
Seattle Seahawks45$129,145,004$126,036,440$907,367$126,943,807$2,201,197
Arizona Cardinals51$132,050,007$120,934,952$10,087,468$131,022,420$1,027,587
Kansas City Chiefs51$128,681,518$126,375,751$1,505,823$127,881,574$799,944
St. Louis Rams51$126,300,000$125,548,962$133,805$125,682,767$617,233
San Diego Chargers51$128,619,341$122,766,362$7,809,983$130,576,345($835,670)
Detroit Lions51$127,774,552$131,561,629$1,537,793$133,099,422($5,324,870)
New Orleans Saints50$126,800,000$138,599,410$1,757,600$140,357,010($12,057,010)
Pittsburgh Steelers51$127,652,450$135,722,583$4,552,933$140,275,516($12,623,066)
Dallas Cowboys51$127,580,693$140,386,197$11,809,439$152,195,636($24,614,943)