Buccaneers Release Josh Freeman


According to Adam Schefter of ESPN the Buccaneers have released QB Josh Freeman after weeks of a pretty toxic situation following the benching of the young QB.

As a vested veteran the Buccaneers should be liable for his full salary for the season, meaning they still owe him $6.4 million dollars. There is a way that the team can avoid that payment if they have warned the player about his effort, but since no reports on that had leaked previously I would not think that is the case in this situation.

Freeman will now be free to sign with any team in the NFL. the minimum a team must pay Freeman is $715,000 which would be prorated for the remainder of the season. That only works out to $546,765 on the year, meaning every team in the NFL could be in play for Freeman. Considering Freeman should earn his full salary from the Bucs it would be in his best interest to sign with another team as quickly as possible in hopes of playing this season.

I would imagine that, at this price, the Raiders would be very interested in looking at Freeman as a backup to Terrelle Pryor. Freeman has a relationship with the Raiders’ offensive coordinator and could fit in the offense easily. I could potentially see at this price the Bengals thinking that Freeman would make a better insurance policy than Josh Johnson as the backup to Andy Dalton. Another team of note could be the Browns looking to cover all bases in the event Brian Hoyer comes back to earth. I firmly believe Jacksonville should be looking at anyone at QB and to get a look at Freeman first hand for this cheap would be a good deal for them, but for some reason they don’t seem very interested in looking outside of Blaine Gabbert at the moment.