2023 NFL Salary Cap Update

Today you may have noticed a big change on OTC with every teams salary cap number’s with most teams cap room falling by a pretty sizeable amount. The reason for the change is that we have now made the change to regular season accounting for each team which means rosters count in full, including players on reserve lists, practice squads, etc…and those numbers add up quickly.

Currently we estimate eight teams to be over the salary cap. These teams are the Chiefs, Raiders, Buccaneers, Giants, Bills, Ravens, 49ers and Broncos. The Titans are just slightly under the salary cap. All teams in the NFL have until Thursday to be compliant with the salary cap which is the day that the NFL moves off the top 51 rule. So for these teams they will need to restructure contracts, extend players for cap relief, make some injury settlements, or move players off the roster to comply with the salary cap.

The behind the scenes cap work happens quickly during this time and there will probably be a lag between when a move is made (some may have already been made) and when details of it leak out so it may take us some time to get all the teams in order but this should give you an idea of which teams to really focus on for contract news this week.

You can view each teams estimated salary cap room on our cap space page and fool around with various restructures using each teams cap calculator.