2022 Salary Cap Update

We should now have all releases and waiver claims accounted for in our salary cap estimates for the season. Most of the practice squad estimates are also in place for each team. With those finished we have switched all of our salary cap space estimates over to reflect regular season accounting.

Please note that you will see teams listed as being over the cap over the next week as teams have until September 6th to be cap compliant with their full rosters, but we wanted to jump the gun again so you have can have a better understanding of what teams may or may not have to do in the coming days with their roster.

As of today our estimates would indicate that the Giants, Jets, Patriots, Lions, and Rams all will have some work to do before next week. For teams further over the cap like the Giants it likely means contract restructures where salary cap money is deferred to 2023. For teams like the Rams it may just mean finalizing an injury settlement or making a minor tweak of a contract.

Seven teams (Eagles, Bucs, Chiefs, Vikings, Saints, Jaguars, and Titans) are going to have less than $6 million in cap space. These are teams that may opt to make a move or two just to give themselves more of a cushion to cover players landing on IR during the season, practice squad elevations, and potential in season extensions. It is often better to do that now than wait until later in the year when you may have to rush to make ends meet. This happened last year with the Giants when a rash of injuries had them restructuring contracts where they could only pick up a handful of dollars because it was so late in the year.

The 2023 cap space estimates do not yet include carryover estimates for next year. I will put in placeholders for those either next Wednesday or after the first week of games, which more often than not is the last day that extensions are done until later in the year. If you want a clearer picture for next year before this just add whatever cap space you see for your favorite team in 2022 and add it to the 2023 numbers.

As always thanks for the support at OTC. Feel free to email me with any corrections. They are always appreciated especially since there are bound to be a few mistakes with so many transactions over the last 48 hours.