2017 NFL Picks: Week 7

I was hoping to move off the 8 win mark last week and I did just that…except it was in the wrong direction with just 6 wins ATS. Maybe this week my luck changes.

BILLS (-3.5) over Buccaneers– Not big on Tampa on the road and they will struggle with the Bills defense unless they can add some variety to their offense. Tyrod Taylor could in line for a big game if the Bills take some shots. Bills 21 Bucs 14

Titans (-6.5) over BROWNS– Mariota still doesn’t look close to 100%, but he should still be able to put up points on a bad defense. Given the short week for the Titans I would not be shocked with an upset here but this is a game they have to win. Titans 28 Browns 20

Panthers (-3.5) over BEARS– Chicago has their moments at home, but I would expect the Panthers to grind out a pretty bland win by close to a touchdown. Panthers 23 Bears 17

Jets (+3.5) over DOLPHINS– Should be a low scoring, close game. Miami’s record is far better than their level of play while the Jets record is more representative of the level of competition they have played. For that reason there is probably more hope for Miami to make something out of the season, but this game should say a lot about who plays meaningful games in December. Dolphins 14 Jets 13

RAMS (-3.5) over Cardinals– Can the Cardinals get a game like the one last week from Peterson?  Can they hold the Rams down enough to allow them to stick with the run?  The Cardinals usually don’t compete when they come east. I can only imagine what its like when they are in London. Rams 35 Cardinals 17

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Ravens– Ravens just have nothing on offense to offer this year. Looking at their roster Im not sure there is much hope for a turnaround in that area either. Unless the Vikings implode offensively they should cover this. Vikings 23 Ravens 16

Saints (-5.5) over PACKERS– Saints are playing well and probably had a decent chance to even beat the Aaron Rodgers led Packers, so I’m certainly with them this week. Rodgers hides a lot of flaws with the Packers that the coaching staff had just a week to fix. Saints 31 Packers 16

Jaguars (-3.5) over COLTS– Jaguars are either going to obliterate the Colts or lose outright. Jaguars defense should come up big this week. Jaguars 34 Colts 13

49ERS (+5.5) over Cowboys– For as bad as the season is turning out for the 49ers, they are a game team each week and have scared teams most weeks. Dallas’s defense could have some troubles with Hyde. 49ers lose another close game. Cowboys 23 49ers 19

GIANTS (+6.5) over Seahawks– Expect a big effort from the Giants defense again to keep an anemic offense in the game. Seahawks are the superior team and should win, but the Giants will keep it within a touchdown. Seahawks 17 Giants 13

CHARGERS (+1.5) over Broncos– Call this a coin flip game. Broncos have flaws as do the Chargers. IF the Chargers had a real home field I think I would take them outright, but since they don’t lets call it a one point loss. Broncos 24 Chargers 23

Bengals (+5.5) over STEELERS– I’m not envisioning a lot of offense in this game. Cant see how the Bengals can pass on the Steelers and the Steelers offense still isn’t really clicking. Steelers generally always beat this team, but with the Bengals season on the line they should keep it close. Steelers 18 Bengals 13

PATRIOTS (-3.5) over Falcons– It’s a good thing this game is as early in the season as it is, because this will probably lose a lot of luster later on. Falcons aren’t close to the same team as last year and if that offense cant get on track against the Pats defense I’m not sure if they ever will. Pats will score at will but that defense is a disaster. Patriots 37 Falcons 31

EAGLES (-5.5) over Redskins– Eagles can really put some pressure on the rest of the division if they win this one. That would pretty much bury the Redskins and give the Cowboys a difficult time to make up the games. These games are usually close, but Eagles defense will make a play late to seal it. Eagles 27 Redskins 21