2017 NFL Picks: Week 5

Another 8 win week which certainly isn’t good but at least passable. Maybe this week things will go a little better.

Titans (-2.5) over DOLPHINS– Jay Cutler looks like he is doing little more than picking up a paycheck at this point. Titans have their own issues to consider too and if there was a team to get healthy throwing the ball on its Tennessee, but Miami has basically been shut out two weeks in a row and Im not sure they are capable of getting healthy against anyone. Titans 20 Dolphins 7

49ers (+1.5) over COLTS– Two teams headed nowhere in the worst matchup of the week. I think the 49ers have the higher upside so Ill go with them to win by a few points. 49ers 23 Colts 17

LIONS (-3.5) over Panthers– Panthers come off their biggest win in quite some time but also faced the distractions brought on by the QB this week. Lions are the more balanced team. I could see the game being a little sloppy with both coming down off last weeks big wins. Lions 20 Panthers 14

Bills (+3.5) over BENGALS– The line really scares me in this one because they are begging you to take Buffalo. Bills are in the middle of back to back road games and it would be easy for them to just overlook this one, but that defense is playing well and the coach should keep them on point against a bad Bengals team. Bills 14 Bengals 10

Chargers (+3.5) over GIANTS– A loss will be catastrophic for the Giants who will go into complete freefall given the expectations for the team and the pressure they will face from the media and NY fans. That said the Chargers have looked more competent and its just a question of who blows the game late. Ill take SD outright on a last minute field goal. Chargers 16 Giants 14

EAGLES (-6.5) over Cardinals– Eagles are a good team this year and Arizona never travels well. This has all the makings of a wipeout. Eagles 30 Cardinals 17

Jaguars (+8.5) over STEELERS– Last week was the first game where the Steelers looked like they may have turned the corner, but other than that they have not looked like a team that can cover this many points. Jaguars pass defense is pretty good which could give the Steelers enough fits to keep them in striking distance. Steelers 20 Jaguars 13

Jets (+1.5) over BROWNS– Unless the Jets look past the Browns and they shouldn’t be looking over anyone, this should be an easy win. Browns offense is terrible and mistake prone and there is no reason for that to change this week. Slipper comes off starting next week for NY, but for now all is good in Jets land. Jets 30 Browns 16

Seahawks (+2.5) over RAMS– This could be the changing of the guard game in the West or it can be what seems like an annual knockdown for the Rams that they don’t recover from. I like the Rams to get over the hump but in very close fashion. Rams 31 Seahawks 29

Ravens (+3.5) over RAIDERS– I know Carr is listed as questionable but I have to think that is just to keep the team morale up as last year they had none in the playoffs without Carr going into the game. Ravens have no offense but if Carr doesn’t play the Raiders will likely hand them a few good scoring opportunities. Ravens 17 Raiders 13

Packers (+2.5) over COWBOYS– Cowboys are pretty average across the board this year while the Packers offense continues to be a highly effective unit. Unless Rodgers has a bad game I cant see how Dallas can keep up with their offense. Packers 31 Cowboys 23

TEXANS (+1.5) over Chiefs– Houston’s offense has been on fire the last two weeks, but should face a tougher test with the Chiefs. Could the Chiefs get caught looking ahead a bit to whats perceived as the harder part of their schedule?  I think that’s possible and I wouldn’t be surprised if they lost this week. Chiefs 28 Texans 27

Vikings (-2.5) over BEARS– Unless the Bears new QB has an amazing debut it’s difficult to see the Bears being very competitive. Bears have too many issues to keep it within a field goal otherwise. Vikings 23 Bears 10