2017 NFL Picks: Week 16

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

RAVENS (-12.5) over Colts– Hard to picture this as much of a game. Ravens 33 Colts 13

Vikings (-2.5) over PACKERS– Packers players have to be deflated after last week.  For a team used to being in the playoffs every year Im not sure how much of a fight will even be left. Vikings 26 Packers 16

Lions (-3.5) over BENGALS– Speaking of teams who have given up we have the Bengals. They need changes throughout the whole organization. Only chance they have is if the Lions no-show because they are taking them too lightly. Lions 27 Bengals 14

Rams (-6.5) over TITANS– Rams should wrap up the playoffs and put the Titans on the brink this week. Rams 30 Titans 20

REDSKINS (-3.5) over Broncos– Don’t like taking the Redskins but they are home and I don’t anticipate Brock doing that well again. Redskins 27 Broncos 20

SAINTS (-5.5) over Falcons– Falcons are finding ways to win despite being pretty mediocre. I don’t think this will be one of those weeks. Saints 27 Falcons 20

BEARS (-6.5) over Browns– How bad does a team have to be to nearly be a 7 point dog to the Bears? Bears 21 Browns 14

PATRIOTS (-12.5) over Bills– The line is a little big for a divisional game and the Pats haven’t been clicking as well but Ill still take them to cover. Patriots 33 Bills 20

CHIEFS (-10.5) over Dolphins– Not sure if the Chiefs are back but I know Miami is finished. Chiefs 31 Dolphins 17

JETS (+6.5) over Chargers– Chargers are coming east a week after a major loss so the Jets should probably hang around for most of the afternoon even with bad QB play. Chargers 24 Jets 20

PANTHERS (-9.5) over Bucs– Bucs put half their team on IR this week as they prepare for the offseason. I guess a backdoor cover is possible but I tend to think last Monday was their Super Bowl. Panthers 30 Bucs 19

Jaguars (-4.5) over 49ERS– Can the 49ers pull off another upset?  This is a different class of defense than anything they have faced so far. Jaguars 27 49ers 10

CARDINALS (-4.5) over Giants– Giants defense spent a few weeks complaining about the offense and then just gave up last week. Giants will hang around before losing late. Cardinals 23 Giants 16.

SEAHAWKS (+4.5) over Cowboys– Should be a close game. Id favor Dallas but Wilson should have enough to keep this close. Cowboys 23 Seahawks 20

TEXANS (+9.5) over Steelers– It’s the Steelers against a bad team. Somehow that usually means a nail biter. Steelers 27 Texans 23

EAGLES (-8.5) over Raiders–  Eagles get a Christmas gift with a Raider no show. Eagles 33 Raiders 16