2017 NFL Picks: Week 13

Had a pretty decent week last week and will hope to keep it up this week. Ill try to tally the overall record next week too.

BEARS (-3.5) over 49ers– Big game for the new 49ers QB that will either see his legend grow or see himself pulled back to reality. If the former then this pick is way off. Bears 21 49ers 17

Vikings (+2.5) over FALCONS– Falcons have started to resemble the team from last year but the Vikings are playing as well as anyone in the NFL. Should be a terrific game. Vikings 20 Falcons 19

Texans (+7.5) over TITANS– Titans are probably the worst playoff contender in the NFL and there is no way I can take them as this big of a favorite. In fact Ill go with Houston to catch them off guard. Texans 27 Titans 24

PACKERS (+1.5) over Bucs– I cant take the Bucs as a favorite in Green Bay regardless of who GB has at QB. Team may be motivated by Rodgers return to practice giving them some hope. Packers 26 Bucs 21

Broncos (+0.5) over DOLPHINS– A battle of whose offense is more inept. Not sure if anyone is watching this game. Broncos 21 Dolphins 20.

Patriots (-8.5) over BILLS– Bills got back in the hunt last week but hard to see them being able to keep pace with the Patriots offense. Patriots 30 Bills 20

RAVENS (-2.5) over Lions– It’s a short week for the Ravens but their defense will give the Lions enough fits to win the game. Ravens 20 Lions 17

JAGUARS (-9.5) over Colts– Hard to pick any Bortles offense this big, but the Colts have a terrible defense and the Jaguars offense may put up a few points here too. Jaguars 31 Colts 13

Chiefs (-3.5) over JETS– Chiefs are in freefall mode but nobody is better at handing a team a win and cover they don’t deserve than the Jets this year. Chiefs 24 Jets 20

CHARGERS (-13.5) over Browns– Don’t see the Chargers looking past this one even though that would be easy to do. Chargers 30 Browns 10

RAIDERS (-6.5) over Giants– Not sure what to make of this. Oakland has no receivers and Giants switched QBs. Ill just go with the team I think is better. Raiders 24 Giants 16

Rams (-6.5) over CARDINALS– Rams should end whatever slim hopes Arizona has of the playoffs this week.  Rams 31 Cardinals 16

SAINTS (-3.5) over Panthers– Panthers defense is good but they don’t have the firepower on offense to pull this off on the road. Saints 27 Panthers 20

Eagles (-5.5) over SEAHAWKS-Philadelphia is playing as well as anyone in the NFL and they should get an impressive win on the resume with this game. Eagles 26 Seahawks 20

BENGALS (-5.5) over Steelers– Will this be another one of those walk through the game in a fog efforts from the Steelers?  Maybe so though there is less of a chance of it against a rival, IMO, than another squad. Still Ill take the points. Steelers 24 Bengals 20