2015 NFL Predictions: Week 17

I hope everyone had a good holiday season as we move onto the last week of the season. This is generally one of the worst weeks of the years as teams often go through the motions, name players are IRed often with minimal injuries, and coaches are spending more time cleaning out their office in preparation for being fired. Of course if your team is prepping for or playing for the playoffs this is a big week, but the playoff drama seems more limited this year. Thanks for following along this season.

Titans (+3.5) over COLTS– A simple battle of whatever QB makes the most mistakes. The Colts starter hasnt played a good game in a few years so just for that alone I’ll go with Tennessee in a low scoring turnover filled mess. Titans 13 Colts 7

Lions (-1.5) over BEARS– Chicago will look back at this year as a positive despite the record, but they have run out of gas. Lions have a number of offseason decisions coming their way. Lions 20 Bears 17

TEXANS(-6) over Jaguars– Houston’s defense could make them a difficult team in the postseason if they click, but its hard to expect much out of their offense. I could see the Jaguars pulling off an upset if they get the passing game going early, but most likely will be overwhelmed by the atmosphere of the game and what should be a high intensity level for Houston. Texans 27 Jaguars 16

GIANTS (-5) over Eagles– The Eagles already dumped their head coach and the Giants may not be far behind. Both teams were big disappointments this year, moreso the Eagles than New York, and a week 17 win wont change that for either team. Giants are probbly the more cohesive team right now. Giants 20 Eagles 14

Redskins (+4) over COWBOYS– While Washington will have the backup patrol out there most of the game, the Cowboys first unit offense has little to offer. Redskins 16 Cowboys 10

Jets (-3) over BILLS– Bills head coach Rex Ryan wants this game more than any game he has coached since 2011, but Im not sure if his team will respond to him. Taylor presents a tough matchup if he gets running outside and opens up the running game but the Bills should have a harder time passing as the Jets will likely give significant help over the top on Watkins. Jets lost the first matchup after multiple turnovers and some bad coaching decision but have played much better since that time. Losing this game would be difficult for the organization as this would blow a terrific opportunity in the playoffs where you could argue Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the 2nd or 3rd best quarterback in the AFC playoffs.  Jets 31 Bills 20

Patriots (-10) over DOLPHINS– New England has struggled with injuries and Olivier Vernon could get after the QB most of the afternoon, but Miami has been in shutdown the season mode almost since the year began. Patriots 34 Dolphins 17

FALCONS (-6) over Saints– New Orleans had their Super Bowl last week when they played what could have been the final home game for some of their popular players, specifically Drew Brees whose future is in question. They won’t give the same effort this week. Falcons 28 Saints 16

Steelers (-11.5) over BROWNS– The Steelers blew a great opportunity last weekend and now will need to rely on help to make the playoffs. Clevelands head coach will probably be fired as soon as he walks out of the locker room after the game. Steelers 37 Browns 13

BENGALS (-10) over Ravens– The Ravens turned the playoffs upside down when they upset their rivals, but to do that two weeks in a row with this roster would be challenging. Bengals 24 Ravens 10

CHIEFS (-7) over Raiders– Chiefs will continue to be one of the hottest teams in the NFL but dont be surprised if the Raiders will be one of those hot teams in 2016.  Chiefs 30 Raiders 20

BRONCOS (-10) over Chargers– San Diego looks poised for a restart next year with a new head coach and hopefully more help for Phillip Rivers. Broncos should cruise. Broncos 27 Chargers 13

Rams (-3) over 49ERS– Someone in San Francisco will be out but Im not sure what the future holds for the Rams who did beat Seattle twice this year but failed to make a run at the playoffs. Rams 20 49ers 10

PANTHERS (-10.5) over Buccaneers– After losing last week expect a big effort from the Panthers to wipe out a Bucs team that hit a bit of a wall after 11 or 12 weeks. Panthers 37 Bucs 17

CARDINALS (-6.5) over Seahawks– Arizona is probably the best team in the NFL though they seem to get less attention than almost any contender. They are a team that more or less went all in on a season where it paid off. Cardinals 27 Seahawks 20

Vikings (+3) over PACKERS– It doesnt look like Green Bay is going to wake up for the playoffs, but if they are going to do o it should start this week. Minnesota stopmed the Giants last week and may carry that over this week. Vikings 24 Packers 20