2015 NFL Predictions: Week 16

Happy Holidays to all the OTC readers. I did slightly better last week going 8-7-1 ATS and 10-6 SU, but its still going to be a big challenge to finish 0.500 this season..  The yearly record now stands at 140-84 and 106-112-1.  All games are now online…

RAIDERS (-5.5) over Chargers– The Chargers have seemingly found out how to play defense over the last three games, but the Raiders bring a number of offensive weapons to the table. I really love the potential of this Raiders team and while I would be a little worried about the short turnaround for Oakland I expect them to take this chance to show what might be a wider audience the potential they have to be dangerous next year. Raiders 30 Chargers 17

EAGLES (-3) over Redskins- This would be an impressive win for Washington who generally does not play well on the road. Eagles got wiper out by a good team last week but they can still salvage their season by winning out. I think the key for Washington is to jump ahead early as they may take the fight out of Philly but if they don’t do that expect the Eagles to keep the season alive. Eagles 23 Redskins 17.

Bears (+3.5) over BUCCANEERS– Both teams have hit a bit of a wall the last few weeks, but likely want to close the season out strong. Tampa Bay is the better of the two teams, but Chicago should be able to keep it close unless Doug Martin has an explosive game. Buccaneers 20 Bears 17

Panthers (-6.5) over FALCONS– Carolina comes off a thrilling win last Sunday and could let down for a week, but I don’t see Atlanta being able to keep up with them even if they have a down game. Panthers 31 Falcons 20

Cowboys (+6.5) over BILLS– This is an anti Bills pick more than anything. There seems to be so much distrust in that locker room between coaches and players that I dont know how ready they will be to play, especially if the Cowboys defense plays well, like they usually do, to start the game. Cowboys 23 Bills 16

Steelers (-10) over RAVENS– Normally these are tough, hard hitting games between two teams that hate each other. This one wont fit that bill at all. Steelers 40 Ravens 13

Patriots (-3) over JETS– Defensively the Jets should be able to slow down the Patriots offense, which has not been nearly as effective following their rash of injuries, but the Patriots defense hasnt gotten enough credit for how well they have played. If the Jets struggle to get in the end zone and have to settle for field goal attempts that will likely be the end of the playoff chase. Patriots 20 Jets 16

Texans (-3.5) over TITANS– Closing out the year against teams like the Titans will certainly help the Texans make the playoffs even with their QB problems. Texns 16 Titans 10

CHIEFS (-11) over Browns– Kansas City should glide into the playoffs given their recent level of play and the skill level of the teams they close the season out against. The Browns are two weeks away from another regime change.  Chiefs 37 Browns 17

49ers (+10) over Lions– While Matt Stafford has closed the season out strongly I just cant take the Lions as a 10 point favorite even against a team like San Francisco who is one of the worst offensive teams in recent times. Lions 20 49ers 13

DOLPHINS (-2.5) over Colts– Colts have fallen so badly the last few games that it is hard to even pick them to compete against the Dolphins, who have more or less gone through the motions since week 7 or 8. Dolphins 27 Colts 14

SAINTS (-3) over Jaguars– Give Drew Brees credit for playing through injury in a meaningless season. Will it be his last in a Saints uniform?  It’s possible. Saints 27 Jaguars 23

CARDINALS (-4.5) over Packers– Arizona is arguably the best team in the NFL even if nobody talks about them.  Packers still get the respect of being a top tier team but they are a notch below where they have been the last few seasons. Cardinals 27 Packers 21

SEAHAWKS (-12) over Rams– Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind and the Rams have no quarterback. That is all you need to know about this game. Seahawks 38 Rams 10

Giants (+7) over VIKINGS– Why NBC picked this game for Sunday night knowing the Giants up and down nature is a mystery to me. I dont expect the Giants to roll over because their season is finished. Im sure they can stay close enough to find a new way to lose this week. Vikings 24 Giants 21

Bengals (+3.5) over BRONCOS– Denver looks like a team that is tiring out and the Bengals are going to make it difficult on Denvers offense to do anything. Broncos D is starting to show signs of overuse which is enough for the Bengals to come out with a win. Bengals 20 Broncos 13