2015 NFL Predictions: Week 1

I’ll be doing the weekly picks again this year. I got the push on the Patriots this Thursday so lets see if we can do better on Sunday…

PATRIOTS (-7) over Steelers– I always like the home team in these Super Bowl kickoffs and the loss of Bell is pretty big for Pittsburgh. While Im sure Ben will move the ball through the air I dont know if they will match the Patriots intensity at kickoff nor can they matchup with Gronkowski. Patriots 29 Steelers 17

Panthers (-3) over Jaguars– While I dont expect either team to show much in the way of offense I think the Jaguars are more prone to the big mistake that will cost them the game. Panther 20 Jaguars 14

Dolphins (-3.5) over REDSKINS– I think Miami might struggle early this season but Washington just seems like a team in disarray. I have a hard time believing that Washington can move the ball enough to win. Dolphins 20 Redskins 13

RAMS (+4) over Seahawks– The Rams could have a very good defense and an efficient offense this season. I expect them to play this as if its their Super Bowl and pull off the upset. Rams 24 Seahawks 20

Packers (-7) over BEARS– I picture this being the same as most of these matchups where Cutler keeps it close for a quarter and then just stops producing. Packers 29 Bears 17

Chiefs (PK) over TEXANS– I can not picture Brian Hoyer beating any team that I expect to be 0.500 this season especially without Arian Foster in the lineup. Chiefs 23 Texans 13

Colts (-2.5) over BILLS– Im intrigued by Rex Ryan in Buffalo, but I think this is a terrible matchup. If the Colts push the pace of the game the Bills cant match it. Colts 27 Bills 16

JETS (-3.5) over Browns– These two teams are somewhat mirror images but I like the Jets experience and better offensive talent (there may not be many ties I say that this year) to get the win. Jets 19 Browns 13

CHARGERS (-3) over Lions– Im never a big fan of the Lions on the road and I expect their defense to take a major step back this season. Chargers 23 Lions 17

CARDINALS (-2.5) over Saints– I think this is actually big for the Saints to try to wipe the memory of 2014 away but their defense is so bad that Arizona should be able to exploit it. Cardinals 29 Saints 24

Ravens (+4.5) over BRONCOS– This is a interesting game to try to gauge Peyton’s health. I think the Ravens could be a Super Bowl contender and have a strong chance to win outright. Broncos 21 Ravens 19

BUCCANEERS (-3) over Titans– I have no real handle on either team so well just go with the home team. Buccaneers 20 Titans 16

Bengals (-3.5) over RAIDERS– For all their faults the Bengals are still a contending team. I dont think the Raiders can day the same. Bengals 20 Raiders 16

COWBOYS (-6) over Giants– While I dont like to give up this much early in a divisional game, I just cant picture the Giants actually converting on offeme. Cowboys 25 Raiders 13

FALCONS (+3) over Eagles- Should be a fun game if you like limted defense. I think Falcons are being sold way short this year and have the personnel to win their division. Falcons 30 Eagles 20

Vikings(-2.5) over 49ers– Tough times lie ahead for the 49ers…Vikings 21 49ers 16