2014 NFL Predictions: Week 17


Week 16 turned out to be quite the disaster for my picks as I finished 6-10 and 5-10-1. It would be nice to have a strong finish to the season. The yearly record is 157-82-1 and 129-104-3.  Onto week 17…..

Lions (+7.5) over PACKERS– I expect this to be a real test for the Lions defense and anticipate they should be up  to the challenge, especially since the Packers offense hasn’t looked as dominant of late. I don’t think the Lions have enough offense to win but the defense can keep it close. Packers 23 Lions 19

TEXANS (-10) over Jaguars– Texans have a very small shot at the playoffs as they close out a surprisingly good year. Im not sure if it was a coaching staff catching teams off guard or what but they did more with less than just about any team in recent memory. Texans 24 Jaguars 13

Bengals (+3.5) over STEELERS– I expect both teams to give and A+ effort in a tight contest. Pittsburgh is the better and more dangerous of the two and will narrowly win the game. Steelers 24 Bengals 23

Colts (-7.5) over TITANS– No team is limping into the playoffs more than the Colts. If they can’t get some big momentum in this one I’m pretty certain they can be penciled in for a one and done in the playoffs. Colts 31 Titans 14

Browns (+13.5) over RAVENS– Baltimore needs some help to make it in and if they fail to do it they only have themselves to blame with too many limited effort games. Clevelands feel good story turned into  mess but this looks like a sleepwalk game for Baltimore which makes the point spread too large. Ravens 23 Browns 13

PATRIOTS (-5) over Bills– The loss against the Raiders probably eliminated any juice left in the Bills for this game. This is now a game for pride and that may not be enough.  Patriots 27 Bills 17

DOLPHINS (-6.5) over Jets– This looks to be the last one for Rex Ryan and while the team responded to him last week his fate seems sealed which should mean a team just counting the minutes to the offseason. Dolphins 27 Jets 14

FALCONS (-3.5) over Panthers– I could see the Falcons winning a game in the playoffs if they win this game. Hopefully that doesn’t cloud the judgment of ownership when it comes to their 2015 head coach. Falcons 26 Panthers 21

VIKINGS (-6.5) over Bears– Chicago had one of the most disappointing seasons in the NFL while the Vikings look to have some promise for the future. Vikings 27 Bears 19

CHIEFS (-1) over Chargers– Kansas City has the defense needed to win this game and keep their playoff hopes alive. Im not sure what to expect out of Chase Daniel at QB but if its good there may be a push for him by the end of next season if Alex Smith cant open the offense up more. Chiefs 23 Chargers 20

Eagles (+2) over GIANTS– The Eagles over-reliance on special teams scores and turnovers caught up with them at seasons end. Giants are playing better and would like no more than to stick it to their rivals. I’d be a little worried if the Eagles go through the motions this week. Eagles 30 Giants 24

Cowboys (-3.5) over REDSKINS– Cowboys are having their best season in 7 or 8 years while the Redskins will be picking in the top 6. Dallas will continue strong into the playoffs here. Cowboys 27 Redskins 17

Saints (-4) over BUCCANEERS– No team in the NFL was a bigger bust than the Saints. They can at least salvage a little something with a win in the final game of the year. Bucs lock up  the first pick with a loss. Saints 28 Buccaneers 14

Rams (+13.5) over SEAHAWKS– Seahawks look dominant again and should win easily, but this is a lot of points to a team that seems to play hard, especially in divisional games. Seahawks 27 Rams 16

Cardinals (+7.5) over 49ERS– Arizona is in desperate need of a QB which will make this tough to win but their defense should confuse and contain Colin Kaepernick to get the cover. 49ers 20 Cardinals 16

BRONCOS (-14) over Raiders– This doesn’t look like much of game though the Broncos continue to slide. Peyton Manning has not played at the same level he was at earlier in the year and teams seem more prepared for their run game now. Very interesting team to watch in the playoffs. Broncos 31 Raiders 10