@ZackMooreNFL’s MNF Pick

Well, I’ve had a terrible few weeks, I went 1-6 yesterday which is similar to my 1-5 fantasy football record in one of my leagues, while a kid who didn’t even show up for the draft is 4-2.

Seeing how crazy fantasy football will drive you, I can only imagine how frustrating it must be to be the owner or GM of a team must be. Every week I feel like more of a failure. You look at your team on paper in a 2-QB, PPR league with guys like Peyton Manning, Big Ben, LeVeon, Vereen, Golden Tate, Pierre Thomas, Ertz, Asiata, Cruz, Montee, and Vincent Jackson and you think you’ll be alright, but you’re just so wrong.

Dennis Pitta and Cruz are now out, but it’s a time where you must bear down and lead your team to victory. I’m already writing my pre-game speech for next week, trying to inspire Owen Daniels to greatness!

Anyway, for tonight’s game between the San Francisco 49ers and St. Louis Rams, I see the 49ers taking this one and covering the 3.5 point spread.

My analysis won’t go past that, I’ve been disappointed with my performance lately and I’m just gonna go with my gut. Take the 49ers.

PICK: San Francisco -3.5